Professional summary

I've coached dozens of different companies through strategic planning since 1987, authored the best-selling how-to book on the subject of strategic planning, and built a one-person consulting practice into a multimillion dollar firm. I want to help the good companies that do things the right way win - for the right reasons. I have a blast spreading our unique approach to profit growth through writing and speaking and will probably continue doing this for a long, long time. In the near term, I've taken an interest in helping companies through sale/acquisition/mergers through the use of our highly structured strategic planning tools.

Engagement overview

A typical engagement involved face-to-face facilitation of a complete cycle of strategic planning with the top management team over 3 meetings lasting 2-3 days each.


• Ford Motor Company
• Exxon-Mobil
• John Deere
• Orvis
• Daytimer
• Emirates Steel