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Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. is a captivating storyteller who has entertained audiences around the world. He creates stories for speeches, articles, fiction, and advertising. His real-world content on Achievement, Creative-Thinking, Innovation, and Leadership helps people get better results in their businesses and in their personal lives. He is a serial entrepreneur who has started nine companies, and he is an award-winning advertising consultant. Whether it's a speech, article, or advertisement, Rob's words inspire people to act.

As an author, Rob writes "The Un-Comfort Zone" an internationally syndicated column on achievement, innovation, and leadership that appears in Psychology Today and more than 400 other publications. He is also the author

Engagement overview

In 30, 60, or 90 minute periods, we will assess your writing, speaking, leadership, or creative thinking needs and develop a coaching program that will enable you to write, speak, lead, or solve problems better.


-American Advertising Federation
-American Coal Council
-American Marketing Association
-American Society of Landscape Architects
-American Society of Military Comptrollers
-Association of Personnel Services
-Bobbin World (Int'l Sewn Products Expo)
-Boy Scouts of America
-Casting Industry Suppliers Association
-Delfour Software
-Directory Net
-Engineering, Management & Integration (EM&I)
-Florida Court Clerks & Controllers Association
-Georgia Department of Labor
-Georgia State University (Division of Continuing Education)
-Georgia State University (Small Business Development Center)
-Harry Norman Realtors
-International Association for Personnel & Employment Security
-International Furnishings and Design Association
-J C Penney
-National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers (NAELB)
-Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association
-Presidential Financial Corporation
-Print Industry Association
-Retailer Owned Food Distributors Association
-Rollins, Inc. (Orkin)
-Self Storage Unit Owners Association
-Society of Government Meeting Planners
-Southeastern Software Association
-Southern Gasoline Retailers Association
-Specialty Food Association
-State Farm Insurance
-US Custom Harvestors
-Vocational Opportunities Clubs of America
-Virginia Propane Gas Association
-Young Entrepreneurs Organization


Short Answer: You differentiate yourself from the competition. Every product or service solves a problem. You must solve a problem the competition doesn’t, or solve it better. You provide something they do not: better product, better service, more features, extras, etc. Then they are no longer competition. In your case, it seems you have already done this. You are B2B; they are B2C.

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Short Answer: the person asking the above question is not looking to become a professional speaker, just how to get through the process of giving an oral report. To that I recommend keeping your words concise and to the point. You can simply read your report from the platform. The audience will appreciate your brevity.

Long Answer: fear of public speaking is actually the fear of feeling the sha... Read more

First you should qualify whether the remarks are witty or sarcastic. If witty, then he is attention seeking, which, during meetings, is a leadership problem. He is disrespecting you, you need to assert your authority and tell him to stop. I would do this in front of the group, so that his imitators get the message too. Say, "Johnny, while most of us enjoy your humor, it is causing our meetings to ... Read more

In politics smear campaigns are devastatingly effective. That’s why politicians complain about negative ads. They’re difficult to overcome, because people believe some part of it is true.

In your case, it may not be intentional. Your former employer may be saying negative things about you because he is still angry with you. That being said, he may not have intended to hurt your job prospec... Read more


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I recently attended a seminar of yours entitled "Boosting Ad Sales in a Slowdown" in Mandan, North Dakota sponsored by AdFed. It was truly enlightening. In fact, I couldn't wait to put your ideas into action and used your ad: "Four Reasons Why Successful Companies Increase Advertising During a Recession" as part of a monthly newsletter that I send to my current as well as past and hopefully future clients. The response was immediate and we're about to have our 2nd largest issue since my starting as advertising director almost a year ago! Not only have I seen many new advertisers this month, but some of our current advertisers have increased the size of their ads as a direct result of this newsletter. We've also put this technique to use ourselves and have increased our advertising budget for the coming year.

Thank you for the insight and motivation. Have a happy holiday season!

James Jiskra, Advertising Director Vintage Guitar Magazine

On behalf of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce's Human Resource Management Association (HRMA), I'd like to thank you for your outstanding presentation during our May 27th meeting. Not only was your topic "The Innovator's Toolbox" appropriate and timely, but your humorous delivery gave our group some much needed laughter. I've been the Vice Chair and Program Director for HRMA almost two years and without question, your performance was the best we've ever had. I look forward to referring you to other organizations and associations.

Jeff Fox, Executive Vice President Human Resource Management Association

Just wanted to pass along in writing some of the comments made by the January meeting program attendees both during (I have my spies) and after your presentation:

"His presentation was hilarious!"

"A good combination of comedy and common sense."

"How can anyone stay that enthusiastic that long?!?"

"It could have gone a lot longer and I'd have been fine."

"I like his approach. Theory validated by practical examples."

"I'd love to see him do his comedy club gig."

"I wish we could have had time for Q&A. I would have stayed."

"He didn't lecture. It was a conversation."

"He made a dull day a lot more fun, I'll tell you that."

Plus, there were many more. Enough that I think in a year or so we need to talk about your coming back and doing one of your seminars. I have no doubt that it would be well received.

Robert, thanks again for joining us in Grand Rapids. We enjoyed it!

Buzz Baker, Program Chairman American Advertising Federation of West Michigan

Thank you for working hard for us yesterday! From the evaluations and talk in the hallway, your program Creating Advertising That Sells! was relevant and helpful for new and veteran staffers alike. Most of all, our staff really enjoyed and benefitted from your tips on being more creative. This is just what we needed to help us compete better in a tighter economy this year.

Thanks also for meeting our needs by doing two back-to-back sessions – it helped us on budget and attendance. We definitely got our money's worth from you and your program!

Your enthusiasm and knowledge for your subject was evident in your program. I appreciate you sharing both so well with our staff!

Melissa Draut, Advertising Training Director The Courier-Journal

And Jumpstart... you did!! Thanks very much for the presentation made at the Kentucky Press Association Winter Convention. I was glad we had the problem of finding more chairs and making additional copies of your hand outs. The presentation was well received by our members and filling a room is one thing we'd rather see in this business, than have a highly-regarded speaker start with more empty chairs than filled chairs.

I had numerous positive comments about the session, to the point that many want to make sure we invite you back for a future session. Let me know your other topics and we'll go from there.

Feel free to pass along my comments and recommendation to other state press associations. Their members will find your "Creating Ads That Sell!" seminar worthwhile for their newspapers.

David T. Thompson, Executive Director Kentucky Press Association

I wanted to take a moment to write and tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation "The Innovator's Toolbox!"

You have such a unique ability to captivate your audience with humor while communicating pertinent and relevant information. Our members were not only entertained by your energetic and entertaining presentation but they learned something they could actually take back and apply within their own newspapers.

Thank you, again Robert, for the wonderful learning experience. Your witty experiences offer invaluable lessons on embracing creativity and innovation. Your references to our industry's challenges made for a seamless presentation. You left our members enlightened and energized.

I would personally recommend to any business or association looking for a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker to have you speak at their next convention or business meeting!

Dana Brown, Director of Marketing and Advertising Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association and Northwest Newspaper Network

I just called your house – and I didn't want to let another day pass without saying thank you for doing such a great job for us in Houston. The evaluations are glowing. You should be very proud of yourself.

I owe you lunch. Come by some day soon and take me up on the offer!

Thanks again for putting on a great program!

Edward VanHorn, Executive Director Southern Newspaper Publishers Association

Robert Wilson graced Great Falls with his zany presentation at the Great Falls Advertising Federation. Here's the question. Why do you pay a lawyer? The answer? Good advice. Same goes for Robert Wilson. His combination of good marketing advice and (literally) off the wall humor makes for a powerful mechanism for learning.

Teaching adults is a tough business. Mr. Wilson has mastered the art of teaching what's good for business and making the lesson stick.

If you are looking for a person to help you or your staff break through the clutter... I have two words for you. Hire him!

Arthur R. Taft, Sales and Production Manager KRTV 3 Montana's News Station