Professional summary

I have had a wonderful career and along the way have grown and shared my learnings with others.
I particularly like this forum and see it as an opportunity to continue to share with a wider virtual audience.

I still have my consulting practice and seek more interaction. I have a 6k LinkedIn network that I communicate privately with on requested topics or challenges my connections face. It often turns into a two way learning experience. I do this in private at their request.

It appears Guide is more focused sharing of questions and answers that tend to offer options. I usually can look at a concern or problem from multiple angles. This may have been part of me success over the years.
I have served many teams within the companies I

Engagement overview

The one hour phone consultations on the topics of your choice is consistent with other expert consultation services.

I can also perform on a day rate for extended service requests. For service requests less than eight weeks my day rate is 3,000. For service requests greater than eight weeks, my day rate drops to 2,400. For service requests greater than one year, my day rate drops to 1,800.


While the bulk of my clients have been in the Retail sector, I have also executed assessments for non-Retail clients. In addition, I have and do perform expert consulting services for a number of firms that bill me out by the hour for confidential client counseltations.