Professional summary

Coach since 2000
Certified as MCC (Master Certified Coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation)
Certified as a Winslow Certified Coach with Winslow Research Institute
Certified as RPCC (Certificate of Professional Coaching) from Results Coaching Systems
Hold MA (Master of Arts) degree from Bowling Green State University
Goal: Be the best Team Effectiveness Coach in the world.

Specialties: Coaching Team and Team leaders in the areas of Communications and Relationships
Particular expertise with New Managers whether they are Small Business Owners or Technical Experts in their field.

Engagement overview

My specialty is to coach first time managers who are making the transition from doing to managing.
I work with a client generally for 3 to 5 months and engage in 12 one-hour sessions to achieve one to three goals for their business life.  I use a brain based methodology to help my clients think more deeply come to their own answers.  I ask provocative questions to engage their thinking.


• Cynthia Hetherington, President Hetherington Group
• Kevin Vessio, Computer Consultant
• Vince DiGangi, Consultant
• Terry Calvert-Marovich, Coach
• Nelson Helu, Healthcare Professional
• Janet Harrison, Nurse
• Anne Niosi, Entrepreneur


My experience of Rose as a coach is that she was encouraging, challenging and understanding when I wasn't "with it", yet at the same time kept me reaching for my goals!!!

Barbara Jewett, Retired Teacher

To be coached with enthusiasm, insight and compassion defines Rose. Unwilling to settle for the ordinary, she stretches you outside your comfort zone to achieve breakthrough results. Rose is a coach that becomes a lifetime friend. Her motivation, encouragement and pure joy of coaching comes through in every session. It is an honor to be "stretched" by her.

Anne Niosi, Entrepreneur

Rose coached me on three goals in twelve weeks. I learned so much more about myself than just conquering my three goals. Rose will help you look inside yourself and learn and develop in many directions. She helps by planting the seeds, adding sunlight and water and then you grow. What you learn in the process spills over into many areas of your life. I would recommend her highly.

Janet Harrison, Nurse

I've been afraid to design and schedule a seminar in the past. For years I have avoided putting it together. When I set my goal to do this with Rose, I knew I had to follow through this. Twelve weeks later I have my seminar scheduled and I am 100% confident that this seminar will be a great success. Coaching with Rose has been a GREAT INVESTMENT. My coaching sessions with Rose taught me a valuable lesson for being successful. Now I plan my day, set short term actions and visualize what I want in life. With these new skills and discipline I developed in coaching, I know I can do anything I put my mind to. Coaching with Rose was worth every penny.

Nelson Helu, Healthcare Professional

Thank-you so much for your input! As a dedicated Master Coach and Trainer no snow, rain, dark of "no electricity", hurricane aftermath will keep you from your coaching/trainer mission (smile). I just had to "go there" with you after such a week that you've had! You captured my challenges so very well. I start well and then when the momentum rolls quickly I "grab" at the next question which usually moves me below the line to detail and usually I start leading the coachee (ick!). The way you summarized helps me lay out a better approach like: Breathe (so I can get back on course) and place the coachee using his own words (which also places me solidly at where we are and in preparation to go forward). Like... Move to "How best can I help from here?" (which keeps the ownership in the hands of my coachee and keeps me above the line!). Like...See where the coachee goes from here = clarify, action, next insight – just go with his movement/energy flow. Thanks again for everything! It is so wonderful to have some one-on-one feedback to immediately assimilate!

Terry Calvert-Marovich, Coach

After managing 28 unionized skilled tradesmen for fifteen years, I knew I could be focused and effective no matter what came my way. However, I could have not achieved the level of success and achievement that I achieved the last three months without Rose Rubin's clever insight and coaching skills. She was capable and persistent in helping me to reach the goals we had set together. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an experienced and dedicated life coach.

Vince DiGangi, Consultant

Results Coaching and Consulting really helped me improve my bottom line. I discovered things about my business that I wasn't aware of. I have become more effective and now my business is starting to grow. I have plans for the future now!! Thanks for all your help.

Kevin Vessio, Computer Consultant

As a business owner and progressive leader in my industry, I'm often over-tasked with projects involving my work, publications and personal life. Imagine traveling over 200 days a year and trying to balance an office, client needs, and the homestead. Having worked with Rose Rubin in the past to help focus my time in order to produce my first book, I knew I had to get back to her as I was floundering in my schedules. Her approach and sensibility get you focused immediately. With a matter-of-fact way that is unintimidating and often refreshing, she forces you to keep on point week after week as you strive for your end. I accomplished over three life changing events in less than a year, all with positive outcomes. Anyone on the fence about hiring a professional coach, should have a conversation with Rose.

Cynthia Hetherington, President Hetherington Group