Professional summary

Russ Lombardo is a specialist in Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Training. As President/Founder of PEAK Sales Consulting Russ background in sales and channel management with both large and small companies uniquely qualifies him to consult with inside and outside sales organizations and to assist anyone involved in sales to improve their selling skills, develop sales processes and use CRM technology to help them sell.

Russ works with businesses to develop their Sales Processes, define CRM strategies, and design & deliver Sales Training programs, while using methodologies to streamline sales operations, improve sales performance, and increase revenue. Russ is also a frequent speaker and sales trainer at industry

Engagement overview

Depending on client's requirements, I can do a needs assessment to determine the situation of their sales organization, skills sets, processes, sales training programs, and more. Following that, we determine a plan of action and move forward with solving problems.


• Citrix/ShareFile
• Intuit
• Bronto
• Konami Gaming
• State of New Mexico
• State of Nevada
• CBS Radio
• Synaptis
• Selleration
• Ingram
• Laversab
• Transite
• America Empresarial
• China Solution

Use Cases

Functioned as VP of Sales, responsible for sales of Synaptis’ custom training solutions, business application training and change readiness strategies. Built, managed, trained and coached a sales team comprised of Sales Reps and Business Development Reps. Developed and implemented effective sales processes to track and measure activities, manage the pipeline and improve the sales cycle. In charge of all marketing activities including webinars, web site development, corporate collateral material and strategic marketing directions. Configured to reflect the sales process and establish common reporting and forecasting systems.

Worked as an executive team member for this startup, functioning as their subject matter expert (SME) for the sales training content being used in their 3D Immersive Learning Sales Training simulator and assessment system, UPtick. Successfully helped deliver the first Beta version on schedule, acquired beta candidates and new customers, and responsible for developing and managing their reseller program.

Bronto Software provides a cloud-based marketing platform for retailers to drive revenue through their email, mobile and social campaigns. They were interested in determining if their Sales Process was effective and consistent among their sales teams. Additionally, they wanted to uncover any strengths and weaknesses in their processes, methodologies, organization and team members. We developed a Sales Assessment process designed to gather the appropriate information for evaluating their existing situation through in-person interviews. The information was collected, analyzed and presented to the management team where there were productive discussions as to what needed to improve. There was also validation that many of the processes in place were actually effective and consistently understood and applied by their sales teams. The analysis resulted in some fine tuning of their sales processes as well as targeted coaching directed toward specific individuals to improve their selling skills and behavior.

ASPE (American Society of Professional Educators)
ASPE provides professional classroom and on-line training courses. We managed the process of replacing ASPE’s existing CRM system with a new solution. Interviewed client stakeholders to determine user and company requirements. Developed a requirements template to be used to consistently define, catalog, prioritize, evaluate and score each vendor’s capabilities and product functions. Found, interviewed and evaluated multiple CRM vendors and their value-added resellers to establish finalists. Hosted vendor/reseller presentations and demos to determine and recommend the best reseller-product-client fit. Made final recommendations for a CRM product and a reseller to perform the necessary professional services and training, which ASPE accepted wholeheartedly.

CESI (Consumer Education Services, Inc.)
CESI provides non-profit debt relief services and financial education to consumers. We developed their Sales Processes, defined their CRM strategies, designed and delivered Sales Training and used methodologies to streamline the sales operations, improve sales performance and increase revenue. Established action plans with periodic reviews to achieve growth targets. Developed action plans with weekly and monthly reviews of results. Evaluated existing sales plans and their current sales talent. Established clear milestones and metrics for the sales team and instituted accountability measures that tracked performance and rewarded success. Set up to track and measure sales activities and forecasts.

Transite (3GTMS)
Responsible for sales of Transite Technology’s transportation management system (TMS) to shippers, 3rd party logistic companies and carriers. Built and managed a sales team dedicated to selling direct and indirect to specified markets and channels. Developed effective sales processes and internal methodologies to enhance and shorten the sales cycle and improve the close ratio. Created an effective proposal template to be used to generate professional, accurate and consistent customer proposals in a very timely manner. Acquired and configured their new CRM system, SugarCRM, to reflect their processes and establish common reporting and forecasting systems. Established a Reseller & Referral Program to increase sales exposure and revenue through distribution channels.

Laversab develops and provides reliable instruments for the Oilfield & Aviation Industries. We provided training to the sales team on how to improve sales using social media. We also provided consulting guidance and advice on their sales and marketing strategies. As a result, their sales team and management re-directed many of their sales processes, marketing activities and strategic directions.


You have been just awesome. I don't often encounter people who practice what they preach. Your follow through and customer service has been perfect. Thank you so much!!!

Brenda Stoney, Branch Manager Republic Mortgage

I wanted to take the time to thank you for transforming the Sales and Maintenance Divisions of Chip-N-Dale's Custom Landscaping, into accountable segments. GoldMine has made it possible for analysis and reporting that I had no idea would move from my wish list to reality. Because you were able to customize the program features and create a database that allows for tracking customer leads, sales and retention, Chip-N-Dale's Custom Landscaping, Inc. has numerous reports allowing management to build the business. I appreciate your attention to the specific requirements of our company. Your ability to accommodate all of our needs in the customer records amazed me; but certainly illustrates your depth of knowledge and expertise on CRM solutions and GoldMine. Since program implementation and your in house staff training sessions we have recognized increased customer satisfaction as there is an easy reference in the customer files to provide immediate answers to follow up questions and calls. Additionally, the calendar scheduling has provided a means of ensuring no appointments are dropped or missed. These features alone will save over $30k annually as we have been able to reduce Administrative labor costs

Kathleen Hraba, Controller Chip-N-Dale's Custom Landscaping

Please allow me to take a moment and thank you for the extraordinary content that you brought to my learning event last month. It can be very challenging to make a strong impression on the dynamic group of entrepreneurs in the Entrepreneurs Organization here in LV. You truly gave them insight to not only how, but the why of CRM technology. Your expertise in the industry was evident as you educated our membership as to how CRM technology is a wonderful catalyst to deploy current sales processes, not as a function to drive them. As is evidenced by the attached participation surveys, your message was articulate, intelligent and very well presented. Again, thank you for being part of Growth Explosion

Bill Houghton, Learning Chairman YEO Las Vegas

I personally wanted to thank you for your great presentations at the recent ICESC Conference held in Las Vegas in May 2004. Your insightfulness and professional approach to the beauty industry helps elevate our attendees at the Business Summit to a new level. Again thank you for a great presentation

Ken Cassidy, President Kassidy's Salon Management Consulting Co.

I cannot thank you enough for the incredible help you have been to Diamond Bay. My staff and I are both grateful for the Goldmine program that has allowed us to create and implement client attraction, conversion and retention systems. We've seen our revenues increase over the last 6 months with the addition of Goldmine, as well as the luxury of being able to view each and every contact that my employees have with our clients. The automated processes help us keep in touch with clients without even pushing a button...What a tremendous help Goldmine has been! I wouldn't want to do business any other way! And again, thanks for being one of the few people Diamond Bay can count on

Jordan Wirsz, Chief Executive Officer Diamond Bay Investments Inc.

Russ is a channel and sales guru. I don't know anyone who knows as much about sales and has such a full knowledge and awareness of the VAR Channel. He brings fresh, innovative sales training to our Xchange events, with real-world experience and knowledge. His presentations and training sessions are energetic, engaging and humorous and his topics are always targeted at the right level for our audiences, which is why we keep bringing him back each year. If you're looking for a speaker or trainer for your event where your audience will receive a wealth of practical and important takeaways delivered in an informative and entertaining way, Russ is your ticket

Julian Lee, President TechnoPlanet Productions Inc.

We were thrilled to have Russ speak at our CRM conference. His presentation ("Align your sales strategy with your corporate strategy") really resonated with our attendees from start to finish and provided them with important takeaways that will help them improve their sales strategies and CRM programs. He combined real-world examples with insightful tips and made sense out of the challenges associated with integrating CRM and strategic organizational alignment

Kerry Glance, Editor

Our sales department was in disarray, had very little direction and absolutely NO documented processes. We were a fledgling company and did not even have any document company policies. Binging Russ on was the best investment we ever made. Not only were we able to optimize our Goldmine to fit our business goals, but his expertise in sales was especially valuable. He sat down with me and the executives and marketing team, and we went through every step of our process, from the time when we received a lead until the project was completed. Russ's expert guidance helped us streamline processes that we had unknowingly been duplicating, not just where GoldMine was concerned but in our follow-up and qualifying as well. We also learned we were leaving a few vital steps out, and our follow-up was not as strong as it could be. I was personally responsible for following up with every client and documenting the results. With Russ's guidance, I was able to create a more efficient process. Our sales team benefited greatly from Russ's expertise. He made their jobs easier by finding ways to document each step of their processes in GoldMine and the result was a more efficiently running sales team that was taking full advantage of the many automated actions available through GoldMine. Russ allowed them to free up much of their time to focus on selling. Russ also assisted the CEO immensely by showing him step-by-step how to oversee his entire team through GoldMine. His executive training proved to be a much more valuable experience for our company. Our sales team began closing out projects about 30-40% faster than we had been, due to their new streamlined processes

Bethany Golcynski , Operations Project Coordinator Shift 4 Corporation

We want to thank you for your presentation on "Customer Retention and Selling Skills" at Ingram Micro's VentureTech Network Invitational. This topic was a perfect fit for our customers, and the feedback we have received is that it was very informative and useful for their businesses, as well as engaging and entertaining. Thank you for sharing your valuable and timely insights with us

Rhonda Hain, Senior Operations Manager, Channel Development Ingram Micro

Once a year we hold a sales conference for all SAP employees and SAP Value Added Resellers. Last year our summer sales meeting was held in Washington DC. Part of my responsibility for this event was to host break out sessions focused on increased selling and shorter sales cycles. I asked Mr. Lombardo to put together a training program geared towards value-added selling and closing more deals. Russ spent significant time talking about ways to delineate between value and price within the sales cycle. He put together a sales model that was geared towards a velocity sales approach versus an opportunistic one. This discussion provided great insight into ways to shorten sales cycles and raise profitability. Russ closed with a compelling discussion around the importance of becoming a trusted advisor and not a sales agent! The messaging and methodologies that Mr. Lombardo rolled out last year have had a significant impact on my region. I have seen new sales models being developed and more deals being closed as a direct result of the training that Russ gave. Mr. Lombardo is the quintessential sales professional and I would love to have him come back and speak again!"

Kyle Van Jahnke, Channel Sales Manager SAP Business One