Professional summary

After a long career founding and directing eight different business entities, in the talent development industry, I am now focused on drawing from this experience to provide growth planning services to education and training suppliers. These services have ranged from conducting best practices research, vetting firms for potential acquisition/merger, facilitating strategic planning processes, and serving on advisory boards. Recently, I compiled my expertise and experience into a book, The Complete Guide to Building and Growing a Talent Development Firm.

While I have significant capability is assessment and development, I no longer am interested in piecing together programming for corporations. Rather, I will advise them on strategic issues

Engagement overview

Most engagements are priced by the project using my day rate as the basis for calculations. Typical strategic growth planning services run from $45,000 to $50,000 plus expenses and last roughly 4-5 months. These engagements include all necessary preliminary research, including interviews, presentation of research results, preparation and facilitation of the strategic planning session, and any appropriate follow-up services. Advisory Board work pricing varies depending on the extent of time required but typically fall in the range above for a full day meeting.


Have worked with over 150 clients from many of the Fortune 500 to small cap businesses in a variety of industries. As noted above, my current focus is on consultancies in the training and education space. I have been on over 15 advisory boards of these firms and conducted strategic planning for numerous others. My website offers more specifics on these clients and examples of projects I have completed.

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Areas of expertise