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MeritBSC works with companies via Business Valuation, Business Strategy and Advice projects to improve profits, growth, ROE and enhance market value. Our clients are CEO's, private company owners, management teams and Board Members of public and private companies.

If you are a corporate executive, private company owner or board member, reach out and let's talk about the issues you face in seeking to improve profits, growth and ROE performance.

What delivers the greatest impact on profits? Profitability Analytics. When profit, growth and ROE analysis is pushed down to the product, segment, channel and market levels, the results provide a clear and tangible path to improved performance and value.

MeritBSC is responsive, dedicated and

Engagement overview

Working With MeritBSC

1. Getting The Project Started:

Initial Contact and Discussion
Project Proposal Letter -- Objectives & Scope, Deliverables, Timing, Staffing & Fees
Retainer, Confirmation Letter and Start Project

2. Project Structure and Staffing:
Well defined Project Scope and Results.
Direct Partner involvement throughout the project.
Small Project Team -- Partner with 1 or 2 Consultants.
Retainer Agreement is fully applied to professional fees.
Monthly Fee Range provided with fixed limits.
Most Projects take 1 to 3 months to complete.
Monthly Project Reports on status, progress and results.

3. Project Fees and Return On Investment (ROI)
MeritBSC project fees vary with the size, scale, staffing and time requirements.
On Company Evaluation, Performance Improvement and Turnaround projects:
MeritBSC strives to deliver a 1500% ROI or explicit benefits that are 15 times project fees.


All of our clients receive confidentiality as a benefit, so you won't find any client names here. However, we gladly provide client testimonial letters which do include specific client names.

Clients range from S&P 500 global companies to mid-cap and small-cap public companies, along with privately owned companies.


A deductive or top-down approach is best in your situation.

Start with ROE: if it's above 10-12% for 2015, you do not need to do a complete asset utilization analysis.

Next, assess your working capital ratios, including current liabilities. As a retailer you should be taking full advantage of supplier payment terms. Managing your working capital better is likely to be the source for improvi... Read more

Is the $150k you seek for working capital or for business expansion? There is a big difference! At Harvard Business School, there is a case, called Butler Lumber which is exactly on this point. A working capital loan is used to finance accounts receivable or inventory, typically for less than a year. One would expect to pay a commercial bank ... Read more


I have known Tim and his firm, MeritBSC, since the 1980's. He is a valued professional colleague. Recently, working with the large British-based global bank, HSBC Holdings, I asked Tim to lead a Board Of Trustees Planning Meeting, where his speaking and organizational skills were in evidence.

With an Office Products Technology company, dictaphone, Tim and I worked with the CEO and senior management team on a series of business strategy and operations projects over the course of four years. The series of projects involved operating issues among each of the six divisions of this national and international company, along with communications presentations to the Board of Directors, banks, senior management team, and national sales forces.

Another shared client, Global Engineering & Construction Firm, luor Corporation, called on Tim and I to advise them through a large, multi-billion dollar write-down. Tim's work was so highly valued that MeritBSC continued to work with Fluor on a series of strategy, policy, valuation, acquisition and divestiture projects.

A long-time friend and CEO of a large Southern California Savings Bank, Imperial Corporation (ICA), which is now part of JP Morgan Chase, hired Tim to refine their business strategy and turnaround efforts. He would tell you that Tim's work contributed to a $200 million plus, bottom-line performance turnaround.

At a pioneering conference on Shareholder alue, I invited Tim share his experience in working with companies to enhance their performance and valuation. Tim brought superb business analytics and overall value-add to this conference, and to all of these collaborations.

Michael Seely, CEO Investor Access Corporation

As a client, and having worked with Tim, I can tell you that the quality of his work is excellent -- technically and financially, his work is exceptional.

Tim has a good analytical mind, looks at the situation objectively, provides useful, tangible results, and he sticks to the budget. His personal attention and availability have always been consistent and timely, especially when it comes to presentation deadlines for management and Board meetings.

I retained Tim on several projects when I was a Senior Vice President at Bank Of America on the retail side, running electronic banking and card products.

When I moved to Imperial Savings, a large -200 branch California savings bank, I brought in Tim, and he worked with me, our senior management team and our CEO for three years on a difficult turnaround situation. Tim did an excellent job and was instrumental in a Board decision for branch consolidation. Tim's focus on profitability analysis and marketing changes were significant contributors to our $200 million profit turnaround.

Tim's counsel, advice and work have also been helpful to me at Great American Bank and Campus Link. Tim works well within an organization; he understands people and personalities, and he knows how to get things done.

As you can tell, I'm up" on Tim and his firm, MeritBSC.

William Haynor, Financial Services Executive Bank Of America, Imperial Savings Corporation, Great American Bank, Campus Link and Senior Quote Insurance