Professional summary

Mr. Saxton is a Founding Partner of Core Partners, LLC, a group of experienced executives and investors who manage and / or own interests in an array of ventures in the U.S. and internationally. Core Partners targets ventures that harness the positive power of enterprise while generating a measurable impact for society and the natural environment.

In addition, Mr. Saxton is a Founder and CEO of Terra Global Solutions, LLC. TGS is a highly specialized design, development and integration firm that is dedicated to harnessing the latest technologies to create extraordinary expeditionary solutions for exploration, education, conservation and research. All projects are evaluated with an eye to the dissemination of knowledge that inspires the

Engagement overview

My firm, Core Partners, LLC and I offer a wide breadth of experience and capabilities in finance, marketing, operations, technology assessments and development, strategic partnership and team building and strategies for capital formation.  We represent global investors and businesses that are seeking specific opportunities and / or have fixed business requirements.

Our approach includes transitional growth, special situations and value opportunities, operations-driven diligence, conservative use of leverage and structuring for downside protection.  Importantly, our team’s operational and sector expertise allows for the formulization of strategies and the execution of business plans.

Once an opportunity has been selected, we have the ability to take highly supportive, active roles in the client’s strategy and operations in order to mitigate risk and maximize return.  

Pricing is based on scope of work with a required minimum duration of 3 months.


• Core Technology Development
• LSX Exchange
• Core Sustainable Solutions
• Terra Global Solutions