Professional summary

We are a Talent Management Consulting practice with a focus on client service through consultative relationship and trust building. We offer our clients support for the entire employee life cycle - from strategic recruiting strategies to career transition resources - with a focus on Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Engagement, Business, Minority and Executive Coaching, utilizing contemporary assessment tools.

Specialties: Accomplished Public Speaker, and Author. Inclusion and Diversity Consultant, Cultural Competancy and Intelligence Consultant, Sales Leadership Consulting and Training.

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


Be it for individual or organization wide, positioning is the most important factor. If your executives perceive the coaching as mandatory or compliance based, many will always challenge it's value and the amount of time they can commit to the process. Each "coachee" must understand their own "why" for any level of success can be achieved. Echo Jim's comments about ROI. .. Read more

Interesting challenge though not uncommon. The real key will be for you to truly understand the generational differences on all levels - social, economic, political, communication style, values and beliefs, working styles and perception of work, etc. All of these factors are critical to your success, and can be applied with conscious effort on your part. Please let me know if I can be of further a... Read more


This was a training that was really needed and I received a lot from Val and the material. I am better prepared to handle some problems that I didn't really know that I was having. I will use this information in my presentations and my networking as I strive to be better. I have been applying what I have learned and I have a renewed focus and I have been inspired to go and deliver what I have been given.

Sales Professional

I truly believe once you know better, you do better! I can sincerely say that in my opinion, this training program has provided our sales team with a forum in which we were able to learn, grow, excel and even make mistakes in front of one another and discover the possibilities of being exposed to professional industry education and collaboration.

Director of Sales

With the skills and knowledge gained at sales training, our sales professionals will not be caught off guard by competitive threats. The proper sales process will anticipate and proactively neutralize your competitor's best warfare.


Val is an outstanding professional focused on delivering value and results for the customer. He gets the big picture with an eye on details to drive for results looking for win-win outcomes. I count on and value his advice and coaching to insure we cover all the basis. You can't go wrong with him on your team.

Johnson & Johnson

Val is a business coach and meeting facilitator, par excellence! I held a retreat for my Advisory Council. They said it was the best they had attended in a long time. Val was our facilitator for an all day workshop and attendees have not stopped talking about it yet! It went better than I could have imagined. Val also worked very closely with me and quickly grasped what I wanted to accomplish and what our work is about. I cannot recommend him highly enough. You will be most pleased with Val Boston

University Director

We had our second workshop today and I wanted to let you know that Val did an excellent job facilitating the meeting. We were able to develop a council structure and a high level view of the committees. He's been wonderful to work with and provided my team with valuable resources as well as his expertise. It is very possible that we will need another workshop later in the year as we finalize our strategic plan

Diversity Council Chair