Professional summary

Being a key player of any team is about providing value, team building around those values and solving problems to affect the stratagems that move a company forward.

I am a member several distinct groups, i.e.; Financial, Emergency Management, Recreational Boating Safety/US Coast Guard. My links and groups represent these types of relationships.

Value is about leadership, vision and communicating the same to all stakeholders, whether they are a company’s customers,

Engagement overview

Our engagements are framed per client.  Typically since we don't provide flat or project fee based engagements, we accept mission creep.

We however, will constantly remind the client that we are in a mission creep area so that our relationship is not ruined vis v vis the total cost of our time.


We have NDAs with most of our clients, so besides those that show on my LinkedIn, I can a range from large to small: