Professional summary

Help teams work together to get things done.

Our driving purpose is to help professionals develop the soft skills needed to thrive in team and leadership roles. We use a rigorous assessment and coaching process to help businesses hire the right team members, align them so they work well together, and support them through soft skills coaching.

Services include: Team Alignment workshops, Job Benchmarking & Employee Matching, Coaching. Have done about 20 presentations on these topics in the past year.

- Kellogg MBA & B.S. in Industrial Engineering
- 27 years as an independent consultant as president of Skiba Associates

Previous assignments include:
- Business peer group facilitator and coach for 12 years
- Strategic planning
- Process improvement

Engagement overview

We take a SEMI-CUSTOM APPROACH towards our engagements, in order to meet specific customer needs while keeping the costs down.

TEAM ALIGNMENT workshop and assessments improve collaboration within both new and established teams. This approach results in better and more effective interpersonal communication, a more cohesive team, improved project results and higher employee retention.

Our LEADERSHIP ALIGNMENT Workshop identifies key team accountabilities and aligns team behaviors with them.

JOB BENCHMARKING defines the soft skills required for superior performance by focusing on the role, not only the person in it. Through assessment and planning with subject matter experts, we let the job talk.  The result is team members who are a good fit for the work to be done, and thereby higher productivity.

JOB MATCHING uses assessments to narrow your field of candidates, dig deeper in the interview process, and reduce the leap of faith in hiring.  Choose the right candidate with confidence.


Large firms include: Big 4 accounting/consulting; Prominent HR consulting firm; Multi-national non-profit; Airline; Education

Mid-sized and small firms include: Recycling, Distribution, IT services, Market research, Environmental non-profit; Cable TV; Product design; Marketing communications