Professional summary

My work is about innovation - innovating in a world where lots of companies seem to be working on similar ideas. Offering a differentiated high value product is the single largest predictor of new product success, so strategy, business model, experiential marketing, differentiation and value propositions matter, as does fast software development.

I work on sales, technology and business problems - managing what can be built in the time and budget available against what the market requires today or will require. I have particular expertise in strategy, business development, demand creation and product management. I have a strong background in software development and innovation including four books on strategy and technology and also commercialization

Engagement overview

Discussions, agreed to work, writing services, thought leadership


• Alberta Power
• Allstate Insurance
• American Management Assoc.
• AT Kearney, IL
• Bank of Nova Scotia
• Barber Colman
• Baxter Healthcare
• Bell Northern Research
• Eforex, Inc.
• Federal Business Development Bank
• Harley-Davidson
• Obron Corp.
• Ohio University