Professional summary

To book an in-house workshop to give your team the competitive edge, connect and message me.

I help people overcome their fear of negotiating, build strong agreements that last, and get what they want without unnecessary compromises...especially when stakes are high.

As an accredited business advisor, analyst, and executive coach, I have worked with hundreds of companies. These organizations have included IT and Engineering, Bio-Medical and Aerospace, Inc. 500 companies, and Fortune’s "100 Best Companies to Work For".

Companies regularly ask me to help improve their customer and vendor relations, increase sales, and maximize profits. By teaching, training, and coaching negotiation I enable my clients

Engagement overview

Typical engagement
1. A 30 min discovery call to see if we want to work together. If there is a problem I can help with.
2. Outline what the desired outcome is
3. Identify best delivery method and come to agreement on it (Workshop, training, coaching)
4. Sign agreement
5. Start coaching or provide a workshop to team


• InfernoRed Technology
• Vitech
• Dominion Metallurgical
• Uncork-It
• TeleWorks
• Aeroprobe
• BC Genesis
• Rackspace
• Modea
• Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center


It's not difficult.

Few things to keep in mind that might help.
1. Avoid assumptions
2. Dump Preconceived notions/biases
3. Communicate effectively
4. Lead, don't manage
5. It's not so much age but credibility
6. Go for respect instead of being liked
7. Pick up the First Break all the Rules book
8. Find out how you can further the mission and purpose of those you lead

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The complete picture is not clear here.

What is the outcome you want?

What happened before all this?

I don't think you need to plan an exit strategy yet.

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That is perhaps you are trying to help them make rational decision. All decisions are emotional then justified rationally once it's made. In order for you to create a vision you have to understand what is driving them. Because without that vision there is no decision. And without that, there is no action.

Find out what the problem is. The REAL problem.

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1. What's your mission and purpose for this interim position
2. Why did they pick you? CFO generally look internally. CEO generally look outwardly. Big change in focus.

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All depends on what you mean by cultural fit.

But a few suggestions :
1. Do a strength finders test to make sure the people you have are placed in the position that takes advantage of their work behavior.
2. Do a MVP exercise to on board the new people
3. Review your business model with them so everyone understands how you create, capture, and deliver value

Good luck.

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Allan is fantastic to work with! What separates him from others is that he has a brilliant mind that instantly connects people in a synergistic way. He is always working hard to deliver value to every project and relationship he is involved in. He looks out for you, first and foremost. He is selfless in the way he approaches his business dealings.


Allan has a thorough understanding of the business environment as well as human motivation. He imparts his knowledge while also providing a forum to discuss ideas and professional challenges so that learning is interactive, which fosters true growth and development. Allan challenged me to change my mindset to approach problems in a different way and to be more successful in finding solutions and developing business relationships.


Allan's approach to negotiations is top flight – purposeful, clear, based in respect and integrity, and designed to build sustainable partnerships.


One of the things I really liked about the workshop was that Allan is not afraid to correct people if they are wrong about a subject. It is real life sales training for real life sales situations. I have been to countless sales workshops but found this to be much more rewarding.


Allan was hired to train my team on the art of negotiations. I use the word art as it truly is a gift that has been crafted. …I was definitely surprised that not only was I completely engaged in the discussion but Allan had a communication method and technique that allowed me to learn this craft and art as I had never before seen.


I was fortunate to have been to two of Allan's seminars and was blown away both times. Amazing presenter and even more amazing person. Keep up the great work!


I worked with Allan when he helped us develop a strategy for securing business from a former client. Allan worked hard to understand the dynamics of the situation and helped us create a solution that was ultimately successfully executed.


Allan was particularly engaging and knowledgeable in coaching negotiation techniques. He brings his personal and business experiences into his sessions seamlessly. A versatile and plain speaker he uses his understanding of human psychology, cultural nuances, demonstrations, martial arts to teach the art of negotiation. Allan is a must for any business looking to renegotiate lost contracts and new deals.