Professional summary

Alvah is a career and business coach who also volunteers as a SCORE counselor. Her professional experience includes that of sales executive, sales manager,quality manager, and career coach.

At Parker Associates Alvah works with professionals who want to develop a career that is consistent with their own values and needs. Clients discover what works best for them in their work so the work becomes more meaningful and fulfilling. The focus is to be happy at work.

For those who want to move on to another career Alvah works with clients (professionals and others) using a program she developed called the Value Program. Alvah helps clients understand their strengths, values, and assets so that they can find a more satisfying career.


Engagement overview

Each month we will have two 45 minute sessions. The first month will include several assessments both online and ones I will provide. We will review the assessments and cull from them your personal profile i.e.strengths, behavioral style, values, skills and personal likes and dislikes.From there we will design a plan with goals and milestones to achieve those goals.


IT Professionals
Non-Profit Managers
Executive Directors
Sales Professionals
Quality Managers


Developing a deeper connection has to happen naturally but you can be watching for openings. Look for anything the interviewer says about him/herself personally that interests you and ask him/her about it or share your experience with it. If someone is interviewing lots of candidates for a position he/she will remember the people who he/she formed a connection with. Sharing an interest is one wa... Read more