Professional summary

She has over 30 years experience in Leadership Development, Change Management, Human Resources Development and Training. Prior to SLR, Andrea was senior vice president of PulvermacherFirth, vice president of Hudson Talent Management, president of Andrea Zintz and Associates, LLC, a leadership and organization development consultancy, and the co-founder of the Center for Inquiring Leadership, a training company for leadership effectiveness. During this time she designed and executed landmark work in the development of internal coaches within major companies.

Andrea cultivated her experiences as an executive coach and in the development of executives and hi-potential leaders within the diversified healthcare and pharmaceutical, defense, and

Engagement overview

Typical Executive Coaching runs 6 months, which includes data collection by interviews. All other tools and on-line assessments are extra and invoiced at cost along with any travel expenses.


• Lockheed Martin
• Johnson & Johnson Corporate
• GE
• Allianz Global Investors
• Deloitte
• Neutrogena
• Trinity Wall Street
• Boehringer Ingelheim
• Daiichi Sankyo
• Mobilex USA


Besides all the excellent answers by the coaches who answered your question, I would add that being mindful of your presence as a leader will be a strong factor in your advancement. This is a combination of grit, an uncompromising commitment to performance excellence and strategic focus; grace, a command of relationship intelligence and transformative communication, and their critical role in ele... Read more


Fabulous coach.

Gerry Pulvermacher, Senior Partner Delta Organization and Leadership

Andrea is a highly skilled Organization and Leadership Development Consultant. I have worked with Andrea for over 10 years; she offers deep knowledge and expertise, extraordinary communication skills and exceptional interpersonal skills. She consistently provides outstanding work and value to all clients. Andrea is a consummate professional and I would recommend her services to anyone." Year first hired: 2000 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

Suzanne Danielle, Sr. Director Medco, Merck and Aventis

While Associate Partner and National Learning Director at Deloitte I had the opportunity to work with Andrea Zintz. Her creative approach in Question Thinking led the way for more innovative approaches to business analysis and coaching for managers and partners within the firm. The design outcome embedded new thinking in our leadership practice. Andrea brings the "best instinct and professional expertise" to her clients solutions. I continue to value that professional consulting support in my new role with PulvermacherFirth. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.

Wanda Parker, Senior Manager Learning & Development KPMG International GlobalTax Business School

I can't tell you how many times I'll meet someone at an event and they'll ask me "Do you know Andrea Zintz?" Because to "know Andrea Zintz" is to be associated with a true OD professional who leaves a strong impression of intelligence, subject matter expertise, and integrity on those she encounters. Andrea and I have had the pleasure to work together over the past year while we are at PulvermacherFirth We have learned a lot from each other and every day I respect her more. She has developed broad relationships with global accounts, and cultivates new relationships by exhibiting responsiveness, her deep knowledge and understanding of business needs and trust that she could get the job done. It has been such a pleasure to join the list of those who "know Andrea Zintz?" Do you now Andrea Zintz?

Gail Sonners, SVP Business Development Lee Hecht Harrison

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea, I can't say enough about her determination to do the best work possible for her clients. She is so caring, professional, nurturing, dedicated and thorough. She will not stop until the work is done and with a level of professionalism that is highly admirable. I hope to have a long future of working with Andrea.

Margherita Oscherician, President/CEO Virtual Office Solutions Inc

When sitting with line leaders, Andrea can talk based on her experience as a board member. She understands the environment, challenges, obstacles and the enablers that could be unleashed; I valued that. She's one of most authentic people I've worked with. She really listens. When she plays back what heard she is usually very accurate. I've worked with consultants where, by the time it comes back to you, the scope is more or less than what we discussed. I never had that with Andrea. She's very ethical, authentic.

Andrea states what's needed in a non-threatening way. It's not the content that differentiates her, it's the authenticity she brings to these interactions. She doesn't get the client's disease (the organizations' ailments). She doesn't own the problem more than you, but you definitely feel you have a partner.

Laura Famularo, VP Human Resources Johnson & Johnson

Regarding Andrea's work as my executive coach, now I'm listening, understanding, and not drawing conclusions. I ask a lot more questions versus my old, 'here's what I want to do, let's get it done' approach. Now, meetings are stimulating and challenging conversations. My people say at the end of a meeting, 'Good meeting.' Before they would say, 'Do we have to have a meeting?' Andrea helped me evaluate people more quickly and validate my feedback on evaluations I made… I've developed some talent here. Two to three young managers here have been promoted to VP and GM. Developing people for sustainability is my job. It's all about talent. If I have good people we can win.

Profitability-wise, we almost doubled our EBITDA. She contributed to that.

Ken Maclean, President LaFarge

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea in a variety of capacities, as colleague and business partner. Andrea has a unique ability to energize the teams with whom she works. This enables groups and individuals to achieve their objectives. She is extremely bright, strategic in her thinking and focused on driving measurable business results for her clients.

Sue Couture, Vice President, Strategic Planning & Process Excellence Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Andrea is a wonderful partner and colleague. She is creative, supportive and a wealth of knowledge in the OD, HR, Executive Coaching arena. She is a dynamic engaging presenter on many different topics. I feel fortunate to work with and learn from her.

Bari Waxman, President Waxman Associates

I value Andrea giving me feedback about what's not right about our leadership team. She does it gracefully, tactfully, skillfully, in a way that I'm not upset.

Sandy Denarski, GM Johnson & Johnson Finance Corporation