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As a business strategist, I apply an uncommon multidisciplinary approach to building breakthrough platforms and growth programs that meet the new expectations for marketplace success. My focus is on corporate growth, differentiated thought leadership and IP productization, corporate transformation and change management, strategic marketing and communications, citizenship and sustainability initiatives as well as the range of external engagement strategies.

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As head of my own management consulting firm for 19 years, a wide range of pioneering or groundbreaking organizations

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Politics is an outcome of poor leadership from the top; politicized cultures are symptomatic of highly-dysfunctional organizations. It is no longer acceptable, in my view, to go along with any form of politics, or the politicization of relationships as a means to navigating internal terrain, whatever the motivation. It is a form of corruption plain and simple. The new generation of authentic and t... Read more

Having headed my own consulting firm for twenty years before recently going in house, it is clear every situation is different and certainly so when you are coming from having been an internal employee. Situations like this occasionally come up with disgruntled former clients and, although rare, do happen to the best of us. It's called scapegoating.

Smearing a former employee under any circumst... Read more


I'm going to go a step further and state that I don't like 360 instruments generally, for any purpose. In this era of breached trust, corporate malfeasance, widespread management incompetency and corruption, and politically-charged corporate environments that produce highly-dysfunctional cultures hinged on group think behaviors, I believe a better developmental tool is one that creates contextual ... Read more

This is a tough call. As someone who is a creative, and has led or managed teams of creatives, what motivates best is a culture of freedom and excellence. It is always a challenge to impose procedural frameworks around creatives as there is a very fine line between just enough to keep them focused and delivering on time - versus imposing perceived restrictions on their "innate" right to freedom. O... Read more