Professional summary

My job is to draw out insights and craft a marketing strategy that reflects a firm's specific situation, available resources, and firm culture. I start by talking to your clients. Focusing on why your clients see your firm as the best choice will change how you think about marketing your firm.

I teach my clients how to grow their firms using fewer resources (money and time) by changing the way they think about their market opportunity and how they focus. In the process, they build better businesses.

A better approach creates better results.

* Learn - Gain focus. Understand the actual reasons your best clients select your firm

* Think - Be strategic. Focus on what matters rather than struggling to do more, more, more.

* Act -

Engagement overview

Free 45 minute consultation
Marketing Audit
Half and Full-Day Planning Sessions with your leadership team
Strategic Marketing Plan development


• Adobe
• Autodesk
• Crimson Consulting Group/Crimson Marketing
• Engineered Environments/VIA
• HealthCareFirst
• HP
• Johnson Wright, Inc
• Logitech, Openwave/Unwired Planet
• Pearson & Co
• PayCycle/Intuit
• Rainmaker
• Sprout
• Symantec
• XL Construction
• YouSendIt

Case Studies

Shortly after adopting a Business Plan that called for doubling revenue over five years, a well-regarded construction services firm found themselves working harder to win fewer projects. Corporate objectives for year-over-year revenue and profitability growth were at risk. Frustratingly, the firm continued to have little trouble being selected as a finalist while winning fewer than their historic ... Read more

For home health agencies operating on thin, and sometimes uncertain, margins, back office technology automating scheduling, billing and tracking should be a slam-dunk. Automation software and services that maximize billings while controlling costs should be an easy sell. That's what my client thought too.

They were wrong. Despite all the right features, potential clients were not warm to their... Read more

An elite environmental services consulting firm sought help to build out marketing and business development to double their profits over the next several years.

The obvious way to expand, and the one widely adopted their industry, was to add a compliance and remediation practice to the firm’s litigation support and engineering practices. Firm leadership rejected this strategy, feeling strongly ... Read more

With considerable excitement, the founders of an educational services firm extended its course management offering by acquiring a set of curriculum tools and a consulting services group.

Instead of accelerating growth as expected, it stalled. Few schools bought more than one offering. None bought all three. Worse, the triple business unit structure led to internal fights over resources.

CEO’s ... Read more


A strategy you can't (or won't--for "any" reason) implement, is a bad strategy.

I major reason strategic plans fail is they fail to help the firm focus. Focus is not adding a new priority to the pile. Real focus demands that you stop doing other things. Especially where business development is concerned, some activity that worked or might have worked in the past is very hard to stop. The answer ... Read more


Your research on our business and careful questioning of our partners provided a great marketing plan broad with initiatives, but scalable to match our needs and capacity.

Mario Wijtman, EVP XL Construction

Bruce is a great facilitator of team discussions who enables everyone to be heard and get buy-in for both the process and results.

Adam Love Johnson Wright, Inc.

Bruce exhibited a great ability to "dig in" to get a real understanding of our clients' needs/ wants/ perceptions that we would have missed with our traditional tactics.

Bobby Robertson, CEO HealthCareFirst