Professional summary

Helping companies in all industries bring new products to market, reduce prototyping costs, ensure requirements and quality are achieved, and develop manufacturing & go to market strategies.

I've spent almost 20 years in Design/Manufacturing sectors and understand the challenges and needs of companies doing R&D. Using our expertise in prototyping and manufacturing along with industry standard software and equipment, we will accelerate your development process and bring products to market faster.

Engagement overview

Free consultation to discuss your project requirements and developing a scope of work.


• Consumer goods - $20+B
• Medical - $2+B
• Renewable Energy - $5B
• IoT - $10B

Project Proposals

Using our Product Development process, we will:

1. Develop list of customer requirements
2. Optimize designs for best functionality while reducing overall costs
3. Discuss various design options that fit the market and end user
4. Develop and design the product to be created
5. Review our new design with your management for acceptance
6. Discuss Intellectual Property (IP) strategies
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