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We help enterprises improve performance, simplify structure, and align resources to maximize cash flow.
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Dawn is a six billion dollar woman. Yes, as a business transformation expert, she has so far identified and guided business leaders to realize $6B in new revenue and operational cost reductions. Dawn and her team coach business leaders to best define the value proposition of the company and guide them to align people and technology to deliver powerful value to the world, in the most effective way possible. This approach allows businesses to reach optimal performance in delivering high quality products and services

Engagement overview

Private and Group coaching combined with our Wildly Successful Enterprises Program allows  any enterprise to transform from status quo to Wildly Successful.


Multiple small and medium-sized businesses
Wells Fargo
United Healthcare
Epic Sciences
University of Phoenix
St Luke's Health System
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Borla Automotive
Sargent Aerospace & Controls
Honeywell Aerospace

Case Studies

State contract ends in one year and the State will be going for out for bid. The contract represents $1 Billion in annual revenue.State Line of Business represents 20% of Membership, loss ofthis magnitude has remaining 80% of business absorbing shared services costs,likely requiring layoffs. Need to reduce the operational costs by $2,450,000 annually... Read more


A Practical Field Guide for AS9100 [Erik Valdemar Myhrberg, Dawn Holly Crabtree] on


Holly brings a level of energy and enthusiasm to her work that is unmatched. She is an evangelist for improvement and is willing to take on the largest challenges.

Her work ethic is as good as it gets.

Scott Riebe, Director of Systems and Programming Blue Cross Idaho

Holly is a no-nonsense business improvement expert who approaches her work with an urgency and intensity suitable to the importance of the changes to the organization.

Holly knows what it takes to make meaningful improvements and wholesale changes and fearlessly leads the way to a better future.

Grant Sutton, VP Performance University of Phoenix

Holly brought a high level of maturity to process improvement, and did a great job getting to know both the people and the processes at our multiple laboratories.

Personally, I appreciated her knowledge of IT support and development methodologies/practices, as well as her overall technology knowledge which made working with her on information process flow an easy task.

Chuck Morehead, Director Information Technology Creative Testing Labs

Holly was able to recognize opportunities the moment she walked in the door, but what I really respected was the fact that she took the time to truly understand the people and the environment before implementing changes.

Holly has an incredible ability to make anyone feel comfortable and through that she is able to clearly articulate expectations and bridge gaps. She is driven, passionate about her work, and her strategic reasoning opens minds to possibilities of change.

Bob Shaw, Director Project Management Office Creative Testing Labs

Many people (me included) tend to get comfortably complacent about our paradigms – we unconsciously favor the familiar and cozy up to the status quo. Holly seems immune to such foibles and remains keenly aware of the silliness that surrounds us. She is nearly incapable of ignoring a broken process or quietly tolerating a ridiculous waste of time/energy/money.

So, if you want comforting reassurance that ‘all-is-well’, look elsewhere. If you need the ugly truth about your business, and advice about how to improve it, contact Holly.

Avery Earwood, Director of Operations Healthways

Holly, I have learned so much from you! I have not worked with such a dynamic / effective lean healthcare manager since my experience with you during 2006-08!

Sherri Branski, Deputy Director AccessCare

Dawn Holly Johnson, I am glad I made it to your DEBx Talk! I loved how you compared the need for process in the health world similar to the aviation industry. I had never thought about that before! Where ARE our checks and balances? Damn, you are good at what you do!

Joanne Rainey, Strategic Sourcing Manager ViaSat