Professional summary

Entrepreneurial and resourceful marketing and sales executive with a track record of discovering and commercializing significant new business opportunities. Remarkable ability to build enthusiasm and support among key internal and external executives resulting in rapid speed to market.

Deb has extensive blue chip sales, marketing, and product development experience with companies including Pepsi-Cola, Pillsbury, Target, Catalina Marketing, Conversant, and Tremor. Deb's experience working with retailers required interaction with marketing, merchandising, operations, ecom, and IT (data warehousing) functional areas. Deb's held sales leadership positions for all major advertising types: Digital, mobile, social, display, interactive television,

Engagement overview

As agreed upon following initial consultation.


The list below are a sample of clients with whom I've worked during my professional career.

• Walmart
• Target
• Victoria's Secret

Consumer Package Goods manufacturers:
• General Mills
• Kraft
• Schwan's
• Malt O Meal

• Western Union
• Lottery: Florida, California


I might suggest focusing less on what % is documented vs applying the 80/20 rule to onboarding.

Here's the approach I've found has worked:
1) identify key roles - which roles are critical to onboard folks most quickly? (which roles lead to the greatest sales or productivity increases?)
2) identify the "must know" info from the "nice to know" by week or month post start. Your current team can... Read more

Having written several vendor and partner agreements, here's how I would approach this.

How important is this vendor? is it strategic? Or are their FTE's duties easily replaced by another offshore partner? If not strategic, I might take the opportunity to better align how you pay them with your revenue cycle to offset the unpredictability you mention in your note. But on your terms, not the... Read more

In my experience in the Consumer Package Goods industry, market share is a nice measure, but you can't take it to the bank.

I would absolutely focus on revenue and profit growth first. I would use market share as a measure to keep tabs on competitive activity, trends, and source of volume. Also, market share is important, but how you define your market is even more important.

Here's an example... Read more

All good answers here. I wouldn't assume that just because the incubator vetted your idea that it will be successful in the marketplace. There are over 1100 incubators in the country with dozens of companies in each.

What are your specific concerns? Have you taken a critical look at the business plan? Do you want assurance that your idea can succeed? Are finances an issue? Are you concer... Read more

What gets measured gets done. I would make employee input part of every manager's and employee's MBOs.

Are your managers having frequent one-on-one meetings with their employees? If so, managers should task every employee with providing their perspective on trends, risks, opportunities. I might also suggest each manager conduct a monthly or quarterly group discussion so best practices can ... Read more