Professional summary

I am the Founder of Pricing Innovations and the inventor of The Pricing Canvas (TM). Pricing Innovations - is a product consultancy specifically focusing on pricing and monetization. We help teams that are launching new products, enhancing their monetization strategy, and changing their revenue or pricing models. What sets us apart is that we go beyond making pricing and monetization recommendations and inform all aspects of your product, offer, pricing, and cost structures as well as supporting your go-to-market plan.

Before launching into entrepreneurship, I worked in technology, e-commerce, and SaaS businesses ranging from $30 million start-ups to $100 billion multinationals including Facebook, Amazon, and SAS.

Engagement overview

6-12 weeks and four phases, including:
1. Research (user, customer, market, competitive etc.)
2. Pricing and monetization strategy
3. Product reconfiguration and packaging
4. Go-to-market recommendations and plan.


• Software-as-a-Service - SaaS
• Enterprise software
• Internet-of-Things - IoT
• Healthcare technology
• Mobile technology services
• Educational technology
• Financial technology
• Human services

Case Studies

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Pricing is one of the most powerful levers to transform a good product into a good business. A key set of metrics such as profitability, ave... Read more

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Pricing Innovations helped us price our medical technology product per patient treated. They learned our medically technical software impressively fast and drilled down our price per touch from human to software.  It is hard to quantify the significance of finding the bullseye for market entry, and we are proud to have a partner who helped take us from a “boot-strapped start-up” to a full partnership with a national healthcare organization.  

Jason Carney, COO Patient Readiness Institute

Pricing Innovations has been an exceptional partner as we launched our new services. They have a powerful “value lens”  which enabled us to identify the services that were most "valuable". From designing our offer structure and packaging our services to sharpening our value proposition, Pricing Innovations was a true force in our speed to market.

Jill Hauwiller, CEO and Founder Leadership Refinery

​Pricing Innovations helped us to simplify and more importantly innovate our pricing structure. What we appreciated most is that they not only uncovered our pricing opportunity but supported us as we rolled out a price increase. I recommend Pricing Innovations to teams who aim to innovate their approach to pricing.

John Hobday, CEO and Founder Healthcare Interactive Inc.

We found the pricing canvas workshop eye-opening!  It completely changed our understanding of how pricing should be created and controlled using process and data.  Can't recommend enough!

Colin Hirdman, Co-Founder Augurian - Digital Marketing Agency
Project Proposals

We begin by discovering the right pricing structure, pricing model and pricing window specific to your space and product lifecycle which we then use to configure and/or reconfigure your product and offer structures. Finally, we help you to optimize your go-to-market plan and align it with your growth goals.  Read more