Professional summary

I believe that Success is a mindset and Sales is a system. And, if you own a business, nothing, (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!) happens until the cash register rings! I also know that success can be learned and income generation can be taught.

I began to understand how to align sales with strategy, from the inside out, when I was franchisor of 300+ independent retail liquor stores nationwide - all with the same name and access to marketing, advertising, sales promotions, merchandising, co-op buying and operations consulting. Still, their sales ranged from $250,000 to $6, $8, $12 million a year. My life-long career to understand what makes strong leaders, and why they achieve success, began back then. My quest to understand how they think, and why

Engagement overview

There is no typical engagement. I work with 10-12 business owners per year. Each contract is customized, including coaching for the owner and his/her teams. We meet, identify the challenge, determine a time-frame, outcomes expected and execute. Engagements range from 6-months to 1 year and beyond.


References furnished upon request.


I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Zelitzky to identify a channel sales growth and development plan for One Source, Inc. Ms. Zelitzky really listened and understood my needs and I can see that she has been there and done it before. With her help we now have a very structured go to market strategy with sales processes and procedures in place to ensure we meet our goals. We are counting on her continued involvement as we further engage the energy solutions marketplace. "Thank you Gail".

Patricia Grimeett, President One Source, Inc.

Your professional experience, ideas, suggestions, expert advice and consistent coaching skills have been priceless. Working with you has challenged me where I needed to be challenged, and helped me understand different perspectives. Your coaching has helped me to get beyond the seeming barriers and challenges that were holding me back, empowering and encouraging me to go for it!!

Paulette J. Barrett

I hired Gail as a coach in October, 2011, after she and I met on a flight home from California. I was seeking answers to a business dilemma and, as she and I began to talk, I realized her experience and insights could inform my decision-making process. In this year of collaboration, Gail has helped direct my individual growth as a leader, review difficult options around staffing and marketing, worked with my team and provided leadership coaching for my group manager. I continue to work with her as a business adviser and sales consultant. Gail is an important part of my team and I cannot imagine making decisions without her. As my company continues to grow, the decisions multiply. Gail keeps me focused and on course

Charles Choi Choi Design, Inc.

Gail brings a wealth of knowledge that was SO beneficial to us. We learned to analyze our financial reports, work with the numbers, deal with employee and vendor issues, market on a budget, why networking and joining professional groups was important. She recommended resources to create our new logo, marketing and advertising, accounting, etc. Many of these professionals we continue to work with today. She is wonderful, warm, positive, smart, level-headed and we admire her SO much. She is a wonderful person to know on a personal level and is very accomplished professionally.

Laura Weldon / Kathy Wickes Buy the Yard,Inc.

Gail helps me see beyond the immediate chaos and thinks through an organized path that leads me to results. I cannot imagine working without her

Barbara Susin Barbara Susin & Associates

Working with Gail is a natural follow up to my participation in the Goldman Sachs 10,000k program. Through Transformation Lab and individual coaching I have been able to translate my learning into actionable items that have led to my becoming a strong leader, taking charge of my business and steadily increasing revenue. I am now implementing concrete steps to increase the productivity of my staff and am able to expand my thinking beyond the everyday crises. My future is once again clear to me and bright

Ellen Anderson Rally Insurance