Professional summary

Creative, innovative and forward-thinking executive who solves complex business development challenges with clearly defined strategies that drive triple-digit revenue growth across the technology, communications, electronics, industrial and business services sectors. Award-winning global sales coach, author and facilitator building top revenue-generating teams in 25 countries; recognized for optimizing team dynamics, uniting diverse agendas, and harnessing strategic

Engagement overview

Consulting - identify and shape DIRECTION for you and your Clients’ that drive revenue and financial metrics.
Facilitation - Leverage Best Practice processes for EXECUTION that deliver revenue, margins, and Client loyalty.
Coaching - IMPACT from a coaching and business ecosystem designed for consistent and repeatable revenue driven results.  
Engagements are project based


• Xerox
• Motorola
• Ingersoll Rand/Trane
• Pioneer Standard Electronics (now part of Arrow Electronics)
• Matco