Professional summary

Gregg is Founder and Principal Consultant of The 41 North Group. He has a long career of questioning the status quo and helping companies be more successful and maximize their revenues and profits by helping them make sure their strategy is sound, their processes are efficient and effective and above all their employees, and leaders, are dedicated and happy.

"I’m grateful that I've been able to make successful contributions to many organizations" including General Electric, Electric Boat, General Dynamics, UnitedHealthcare, the US Dept of State, the US Navy and Computer Sciences Corp as well as many smaller companies. His years as a Manager and Change Agent at GE were the result of questioning the status quo and gave him much of the experience

Engagement overview

Engagements begin with a thorough discussion with a business executive regarding the areas they want to address and their key areas of concern. Engagements generally involve developing a strategic plan or updating and communicating it if one exists. Then we develop methods to attain those goals. Often times process improvement or documentation is involved as well addressing teamwork areas to develop engaged employees who are committed to their organization.


• General Electric
• U.S. Department of State
• U.S. Navy
• Gould Insurance Group
• Electric Boat Corp.
• Numerous small and mid-size companies in many industries.


Many businesses are experiencing difficulties getting enough of the “right people “. Whether they be high tech positions or people to work in your retail store. Sound familiar? This article started as a response to an article “Manufacturing’s Youth Problem”, Industry Week July 24, 2015. But the “youth problem” isn’t confined to manufacturing and it isn’t necessarily a youth probl... Read more