Most corporations are dealing with this problem and some are addressing it by creating Leadership Development Programs but experience and studies show that if you keep your program in the classroom it won't work.

Make sure your Leadership Development Program includes the following components:
- Assessments. Leaders will improve by knowing themselves better and understanding where they are, I use Personalysis a personality assessment and EQi 2.0 an Emotional Intelligence assessment. Having 360 versions to have others rate them is always good.
- Leadership Training. Yes you get to keep some classes but one day or half day a month is enough to deliver some useful ideas on management and leadership. My model is ICS Insights Connections and Solutions, to teach them how to know themselves better specially their limiting beliefs, how to connect with peers, subordinates and top management better and how to deliver results by having a different approach to failure and problems.
- Executive Coaching. One of the most important components is to have a coach or group of coaches to work with your potential leaders in a one on one basis to create an individual development plan and hold them accountable to improve.
- Internal Mentors. If your program includes top leaders in the organizations to serve as mentors for the new talent with one on one meetings every month it is a win win, they get visibility and advice as top leaders identify talent and corporate issues.

Contact me if you need help, we can help you create your program or customized one of our programs for you to address that Leadership Talent Gap!!

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