Leaders with a strong degree of Executive Presence are able to balance two critical dimensions: Time and Focus. Time includes two factors — present and future. Focus includes two factors — people and organization. The first four competencies are behaviorally oriented where they reflect the critical roles effective leaders adopt: strategist, executor, team builder, and recruiter. The behavioral competencies reflect how leaders balance present and future time perspectives on both people and organization. Future time perspectives may vary, but leaders need to offer a direction for where the organization is going. Present time implies immediate direction. The final competency, Execution IQ, centers on the belief system that is critical to consistent execution and sustaining the actions effective leaders take. The combination of actions and beliefs develops the degree of Executive Presence leaders exhibit.

The X Factor for both a head coach & NFL General Manager is Execution IQ. Water rises to its own level. The organization will only achieve and execute to the level of its leaders. The ability to lead others begins with the personal qualities and characteristics of senior management. Leaders who are grounded through their values and beliefs, credible through their judgment and thinking, emotionally mature through their ability to self-analyze and connect with others, and willing to learn and grow as a leaders, then they have an opportunity to master the competencies of being an exceptional strategist, executor, team builder, and recruiter.

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