Professional summary

Motere Consulting is brought into high risk situations where we control and enhance the most challenging component in the business calculus: strategic execution. Established in 2000 and located in Colorado Springs, Motere Consulting is a performance enhancement firm providing management assessment and management development services. The company was founded by Dr. Stephen Long based on his strategic execution model that enhances performance and develops leadership. Motere specializes in strategic execution through valid measurements and proven educational programs equipping executives with the skills to execute strategy consistently.

I specialize in strategic execution helping financially underperforming, plateaued, or special situation organizations

Engagement overview

Motere Consulting provides services to a wide variety of organizations. From the financially sound to the distressed, the operationally aligned to the dysfunctional, our role is to help clients recognize problem areas, restore value and rebuild the foundation of organizational equilibrium. The end result is financial performance consistency.


Motere Consulting partners with a diverse clientele. However, they share one thing in common — outstanding results.

- Professional Services
- Finance
- Hi-Tech
- Pharmaceuticals
- Tourism
- Military
- Media & Publishing
- Consulting
- Sales
- Executive Search
- Investment Banking
- Law
- College and Professional Sports


Leaders with a strong degree of Executive Presence are able to balance two critical dimensions: Time and Focus. Time includes two factors — present and future. Focus includes two factors — people and organization. The first four competencies are behaviorally oriented where they reflect the critical roles effective leaders adopt: strategist, executor, team builder, and recruiter. The behavioral... Read more