Entrepreneurship can provide levels of freedom, opportunity and financial reward that companies typically don’t offer. Starting your own business also takes high levels of energy, accountability, responsibility, drive, commitment, determination, patience, courage and resilience. The good news is that more of us than ever before are choosing to start our own businesses, and there’s lots of support and resources available.

Most new business owners don’t anticipate and plan for the mental, emotional, physical and financial outlay that’s involved in starting a business, or how long it will actually take to launch that business and be successful.

In my experience, business owners don't build in marketing costs. This is a critical mistake. And, all too often, the desire for self-sufficiency leads to spending time doing the wrong things, including reinventing the wheel.

Finding a business coach who knows the ropes can save years of time, money and energy. In today's competitive business environment, good timing can mean the difference between a successful launch and a thriving business or failure.

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