Customer experience is everything your brand does for your customers, everything your business processes to do them and how it makes them feel. Customer experience design is the art and science of shaping experience for customers so they appreciate it, remember it, and share it with their friends.

The "for" part includes those services that make life easier for your customers—the smiles that leave them feeling better and the outcomes that leave them better off. When a business is designed to maximize service, customers receive value and feel good about the brands that serve them.

The "to" part is when business processes make customers do things they don’t want to. It often includes filling out forms, standing in lines, waiting for call center representatives, and repeating themselves. When business processes dictate the customer’s experience, costs (measured in time, money, effort, and emotion) go up and satisfaction plummets.

Before you deliver a great experience, you have to learn what your customers want most, design the experience that delivers it best, and (here's the hard part) adjust the way your company works on the inside so that your teams, processes, and technologies are capable of delivering on the next expectations.

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