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Audit Plus™ is our service for FedEx, UPS, & DHL invoice auditing  late deliveries  overcharges  duplicate invoices  manifested not shipped  proof of signature and much more. We have audited millions of invoices each and every year.

Contract Negotiations, Appraisals, and Benchmarking is our business. We are expert in rates, incentives, discounts, contract terms, and conditions. Think you’re paying too much for shipping? Let us appraise you current contract and find out for free. We will evaluate current shipping rates and tell you exactly what you should be paying UPS and FedEx. We have been involved in thousands of UPS and FedEx contract negotiations and saved millions of dollars annually improving our clients rates, terms and other fees

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• Olympus Corporation, J & R Electronics, Cannon, Lifetime Brands, Beaver Visitec International, New England Bio Labs, MTF Musculoskeletal