Professional summary

Janine is a communication and organization development consultant, professional speaker, seminar facilitator and executive coach helping business leaders create effective work environments and engaged teams so that workplace drama is minimized and more work gets done.

A former utilities C-level executive, Janine's expertise includes issues associated with Workforce Change and leadership challenges around getting the best from every employee, Generational Dynamics, employee engagement and "the hard truth about the soft stuff."

Having been an executive, her executive coaching comes through the lens of organizational and political experience. She has initiated, implemented and completed change initiatives and coached hundreds of leaders to

Engagement overview

Executive coaching engagements are a minimum of 4-6 months, 2-3 sessions/ month, because change = focus + practice.

OD engagements are structured from assessment through follow up.

Speaking engagements are tailored to desired audience outcomes.


Partial list:

• Ohio Health
• Cardinal Health
• Nationwide
• Anthem
• Swagelok
• Weir Minerals
• H.R. Gray
• Medtronic

• American City Business Journals
• Sterling Commerce
• American Public Gas Association
• American Public Power Association

• Ohio State University
• Franklin University
• Clemson University

• U.S. EPA
• U.S. Defense Supply Center
• Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
• State of Ohio JFS

Numerous professional & trade associations.


Some of the things scientists are now able to see going on inside our brains are not only very cool but also give us direct information as to how to be better…more productive, more thorough, more successful. This means as a leader or manager, you can use this information to get better from yourself AND everyone in your work place.

While we suspected as much (since humans are social beings), sci... Read more

My comments on this situation are more direct actions so don't specifically speak to any tools that might be available.

If your senior managers are really unaware of "how much damage" their behaviors and words might do, then I encourage you to have one-on-one meetings with them to let them know, using specific behaviors and words their employees have provided. Depending upon the culture, you m... Read more

All excellent suggestions!

I encourage a couple of things, remembering that Change comes from Focus + Repetition. Changing behavior takes time and must include shifts in the beliefs that underlie current behaviors.

1) Focus on 'coaching' behaviors as several have noted. Coaching behaviors encourage people to strengthen their problem solving abilities (in this case, team abilities) and encourag... Read more

While your transfer time might be on hold, your work responsibilities as you note are not.

It's important to ensure that everyone understands the current situation and your current business expectations. While you may be a "lame duck," you are only ineffective if you act that way...letting others assume that you have one foot out the door. You aren't gone until you are into your new position, b... Read more

I appreciate the difficulty of fitting yet another item into an already full position, and so I'll suggest that your challenge isn't so much juggling yet another task as it is prioritizing the ones you currently have. If you are retiring later this year, how are you prioritizing your current responsibilities? Who are you developing to take on and step up to those tasks? Fitting everything in is li... Read more

I'll respond to your question through my lens, colored by years in telecom...I learned a lot about how things work!

Why not consider multiple mentors, including from outside your organization, for your high-potential women? I realize that your goal is to develop "from within," but if the resources aren't there then encourage your 4 women to look outside as well.

You could utilize the expert... Read more