Professional summary

Jody Birnbaum, the president and founder of Caterconsult, Inc. spent twenty four years as a catering business owner and is still alive!. As a fellow entrepreneur with a shared sense of risk and adventure, she knows how challenging it can be to keep a business strong and healthy for the long run.

Caterconsult, Inc. specializes in developing catering channels in both single and multi-unit foodservice operations. They are also experts in media, marketing, management, and operations consulting to the foodservice industry.

They work with business owners, managers and staff as experts who share many years of hands-on “in your shoes” experience.

The Caterconsult coaches, advisors and mentors have had overwhelming success at increasing

Engagement overview

I work both hourly and per project. Give me a call and we can chat about how I might be able to assist and then I can provide a scope of work for you.