Professional summary

Food Scientist with extensive and diversified experience in multiple food technologies and product types working for global food companies. Recognized expert in commercial product launches, technology implementation, factory optimizations and start-ups, cost reductions, and strategic platforms, as well as innovation, leadership and marketing. Creative, people oriented, inquisitive, and dedicated to approaching any new task. Special skills include the following:

Technical Skills
*Advanced Preservation Processing
*Equipment Selection
*Low and High Acid Processing
*Dry Seasonings and Spices
*Culinary Arts
*Baking, Extrusion, and Frying

Product Expertise
*Frozen: Meals, Potatoes, Snacks
*Wet and Dry: Soups,

Engagement overview

Flexible 0-1 year contact or one consultation.  


Assists corporate and entrepreneurial clients with product and process development including technology implementation, factory optimizations, product development and start-ups.
• Currently commercializing a nutraceutical ice pop for children under the brand, Feel Better Pops.
• Optimized coating application in both bakery and frozen products.
• Developed cutting edge formulas for entrepreneurial and corporate clients (Birdseye, Mondelēz), tea beverages, nutritional meals, nutraceutical, vegan, ancient grain, and natural frozen novelty products.
• Assisted with Wyler’s factory start-up for Associated Brands.