Professional summary

A published author, trainer, instructional designer, editor, and project manager, Karen Feeley has more than 16 years experience providing workplace learning consulting services to corporations, non-profits, and government agencies. Karen’s creativity, planning skills, communication skills, and leadership style have been integral to the successful transformation of organizations that have implemented new systems, procedures, or policies. Her consulting experience includes training design, delivery, and evaluation; workforce analysis; business process reengineering; project management; performance management; employee surveying; goal-setting; and on-site technical support.

Karen holds an MBA in Human Resource Management and Training

Engagement overview

We design and deliver creative, effective, and practical solutions that fit your budget and meet your organization’s learning needs for developing skills, communicating information, or continuously improving performance.


• Accenture Federal Services
• American Management Association
• Bharti Walmart
• Cascades Advisory Group
• Center for Human Capital Improvement
• CParker Consulting
• DSA, Inc.
• ESI International
• International Finance Corporation (a subsidiary of the World Bank)
• JK Paper
• NavigationArts, Inc.
• Paradeep Phosphates, Ltd.
• Performance Excellence Partners
• Smartronix, Inc.
• The Education Initiative
• The Common Application
• US Department of the Army
• US Department of Labor
• US General Services Administration
• US Marine Corps
• US National Geospatial Intelligence Agency


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Whenever I have another curriculum design project to produce, Karen will be first on my list to contact. She is the consummate professional who will create a first-rate product.

Anne Kelley, Principal Center for Human Capital Innovation

As a long-time teaming partner of Comprehensive Learning Solutions, Cascades Advisory Group has had the opportunity of seeing CLS in action with its clients, serving them with excellence. CLS comes alongside clients as a trusted advisor, not only meeting their sought needs, but assisting them to make their business more efficient and effective through business learning solutions. Having Comprehensive Learning Solutions on your team will propel your organization to achieve its best through its learning goals.

Mandy Grant, President Cascades Advisory Group, LLC

Comprehensive appropriately describes your organization and your work... . You inspire us to do better work - and isn't that what excellence does? Excellence breeds excellence. Thanks for your excellence in execution

Tiffany Quivers, Principal, Founder The Education Initiative

This was our first time working with a training consultant and we weren't sure what to expect. Karen was quick to ease our concerns. She was well-organized from the start, sending us a detailed project plan with milestones to show us how long it would take to complete each phase of the project. Further, Karen and her team worked hard to ensure they had complete, accurate and current information about the project, since it evolved throughout the time we worked together. I have already recommended Karen's services to others in my organization and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to colleagues outside of my employer. I look forward to working with Karen on future projects.

Joanna Cleary, Services Manager The Common Application