Professional summary

Katie B. Smith, Executive Coach, speaks from the creative space of her inner wisdom: "Stepping up means stepping out of your comfort zone. That is the moment your potential expands." Or how about this truth? "The fastest path to success is the path to yourself." Smith combines years of corporate experience with her personal journey into wellness, meditation and yoga. She doesn't hand you the answers but the tools to make your own transformation magic. Her information is communicated in the language of the executive and business world but with a zen twist.

Katie B. Smith & Associates is a Denver, CO based company providing executive coaching services worldwide to Small Business CEO’s, Corporate Executives and Professionals

Engagement overview

We have a complimentary discovery session first to see if we are good fit, then engagements are 6 months or 12 months, 2-3x's per month up to 60 minute sessions.  Payment is paid in full or monthly.  Depending on client needs the sessions are phone or F2F.  We develop goals at the beginning of engagement and coach to the clients needs and goals.  Results focused coaching from the inside out.


• Hospital Shared Services
• Experience Factor
• Palace Construction
• 3C Marketing Group, LLC
• Comcast Business Class
• Austin Technology Council
• IT Management, Inc.
• Leapfrog Online


Work on your emotional intelligence - your internal awareness, so that you can lead effectively. A great video to watch is Simon Sinek - he has two great TED talks on How Great Leaders Inspire Action. Hire a coach to help you grow this aspect of yourself and you will be ahead of the game. Find a good mentor who has been in your shoes. Mentors are different than coach's but an integral part o... Read more


Find out their WHY. Employees have to be engaged in the WHY of the organization and their own WHY to be engaged fully. Once they are engaged they will provide the solutions you are looking for. Two very good videos on leading effectively and from your own why are Simon Sinek's presentations on Ted Talks. Once you are engaged in your WHY you will be able to transfer that energy to your team. G... Read more


I agree with Ruth, provide your high potentials the opportunities and training to polish their English speaking skills.. .. Read more

Do your research on the individual you are meeting with - Google them, look them up on LinkedIn, press releases, company websites, etc. You may see you have similar interests, education, etc and can bring that up in the interview. You create connection by being curious and asking questions and listening for areas you can make a connection. Personal connection is key during, before and after the... Read more


Katie has helped guide me through some big career transitions, and each time, I have ended up in a better place--both personally and financially. She has helped me develop strategies to make my life easier and yet more productive. Katie is unique--a highly savvy business professional, as well as an intuitive counselor. The combination has been a powerful asset for me. If you want to make the most of your life, you will love working with her!

Theresa Casey, VP Strategic Business Development Leapfrog Online

As a career coach, Katie has an extraordinary gift for saying the right thing at the right time, on point and with extraordinary human compassion, intelligence and intuition. Katie's gift is so strong; there is no question in my mind that helping executives sort through significant career choices and decisions is her true life purpose.

Susan Penny Brown, Principal Consultant IT Management, Inc.

A Reformed 'Coach-Skeptic, 'That's what I would call myself. I now regularly recommend Katie B. to friends and colleagues. Katie's professionalism and leadership, and her intelligence and resources have allowed me to take my professional career to new heights. Her intuition and EQ have also provided steady guidance-- critical in navigating new professional and personal waters. I will continue to recommend Katie to friends and colleagues and am thrilled she made an enthusiastic believer out of me!

Julie Huls, President Austin Technology Council

Katie did a great job of customizing the program to the needs of our group, all of whom were beginners. The themes of communication, creativity, and stress reduction were integrated seamlessly. I have attended many team building events but none have generated the enthusiasm and excitement of this retreat.

Mark Fuqua, Senior Vice President Comerica Bank – Texas

Coaching with Katie was just what I needed as I was working through my divorce and re-evaluating where I am going in life. I really feel that I can affect the second half of my life because "I didn't sign up for good enough in this lifetime, I signed up for awesome!" And you have helped get me there.

Jason Winston, Senior Manager Demand Generation Comcast Business Class

Katie B. Smith is an extraordinarily gifted coach. Life is filled with ups and downs that can literally wear you down. Katie is a masterful guide who listens to you and asks thought-provoking questions that help you to figure out what's holding you back and then a way forward. Her approach removes all the muck that piles up along the road of life, which create roadblocks to success. In that process, Katie helps you to reconnect to your inner energy...your brilliance. She then teaches you how to use that to create massive success that seems almost feels like whiplash it happens so fast! I highly recommend Katie B. Smith if you're serious about transforming your life, your business or your team!

Debbie Josendale, President 3C Marketing Group, LLC

Katie has been the "spark" I needed in my professional career. She helped me to see areas in my life and career that were not serving me well. Katie was never once critical of my career decisions or choices, she helped guide me and support me in my journey I was taking. Katie provided me gentle guidance and suggestions along my path always asking me questions that provided self-discovery.

Maggie Bolden, Director of Business Development Palace Construction

As the CEO of a business, working with Katie has been invaluable in helping me stay accountable in my role as a leader and in growing the company. Katie's coaching has helped me better identify my blind-spots and hold me accountable to execute on strategies that improve my overall performance and therefore my organization. Katie has also helped my team strengthen our communication skills, and increase respect for our individual differences while providing new tools that allow us to work together more effectively.

Stephanie Klein, CEO Experience Factor

I have been working with Katie for several months and it has made a huge impact on me both personally and professionally. I have a different outlook on my career and am able to deal with various work situations more thoughtfully. As a result, I find myself more relaxed and less stressed which has given me more energy.

Debbie Little, Assistant Director of HR Hospital Shared Services