Question: Designing custom in-house training programs

I have just completed a successful training program for our telemarketing team called 'Romancing the phone' where I shared best practices and techniques for effectiveness on the phone.

I want to develop similarly engaging training sessions for other teams, like Finance&Accounts, engineering,etc. But it is very challenging since I do not have the background in these functions and we do not have other trainers in our organization.

How can I leverage our existing knowledgebase and team members to craft practical training sessions?

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Find out their WHY.  Employees have to be engaged in the WHY of the organization and their own WHY to be engaged fully.  Once they are engaged they will provide the solutions you are looking for.  Two very good videos on leading effectively and from your own why are Simon Sinek's presentations on Ted Talks.  Once you are engaged in your WHY you will be able to transfer that energy to your team.  Good Luck!

Nice work "Romancing the Phone"! You obviously have a flair and you will be able to use it very well in designing the training programs you would like to develop. The first thing is to know WHY a training program, and WHAT you want to achieve. You might ask the potential participants what they would like to get out of a training program, or what they see as the need for an organizational training program (as opposed to a specific program, e.g., computer science). It would be good to have someone with whom you can talk about your approach and design. Also, you need to be able to justify a program in terms of need, cost, and desired outcomes.

Good luck - I think you'll be very successful!

Is it cost-effective to train them and keep them current? Do that research first.