Professional summary

Cathy is a self-directed and self-motivated serial entrepreneur and business coach. Extensive experience in the challenges of start-up companies. She is a strategic thinker but also thrives on "rolling up her sleeves" to help businesses achieve their short-term tactical requirements. Her 35+ year career spans both large corporations, small companies and launching startup companies.

She has expertise in executive leadership of small and large interdisciplinary teams across multiple locations, strategic planning and development of comprehensive business plans, business development and management of strategic partnerships including IP licensing and applied research, fundraising and investor relations, grant writing and administration, business

Engagement overview

Initial consultation is at no charge. Mentor programs available hourly or in packages at a discounted price (see for detailed offerings). Available to review current business or marketing plans and write documents upon request.  


I'd suggest meeting with your manager to discuss his expectations for your new position and how you can meet those expectations without undue interference on your personal time. As a workaholic myself, I didn't expect my employees to work the same hours that I was willing to put into the job. Communicate the boundaries to your manager and most will attempt to honor them. Also discuss with your man... Read more


I'm assuming that your bonus is tied to the operating profit of the subsidiary that you were hired to manage as opposed to the parent company. If that's the case I would suggest opening up a dialog with the parent company CEO and HR manager to understand the assumptions behind the original forecast that you have found unrealistic now. Although you feel you were misled, your role as the subsidiary ... Read more


From a company awareness perspective, social media is important. Unless the chief executive can provide content of value to their followers, it can be detrimental to their credibility as well as poorly reflect on the overall leadership of the company. The biggest danger is having a ghost writer representing the chief executive so I'd avoid that at all costs.

Social media is a good way to inter... Read more

Congratulations on your purchase! On the surface your question sounds quite simple with a request for rationale behind the HR reporting decision -- transactional based with the CFO or more strategic with the CEO. However, a more thorough analysis of the business you purchased would be useful to set a baseline of the overall health of the company (HR, Operations, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Liabi... Read more