Professional summary

I am the co-founder and president of Axiogenics, LLC, a global thought leader in the field of applied neuro-axiology - the integration of brain science and value science -- and the lead author of the book "Answering the Central Question."

My best leadership clients going in know that:

1. People are their greatest asset.
2. Culture starts from the top and is the ultimate measure of success.
3. Talent, synergy and bottom-up alignment of vision, mission, principles, decisions, and actions are the drivers of success.
4. Though leadership skills may or may not be the primary problem, improving their leadership skills is a primary ingredient in any turnaround solution and the key to never needing a turnaround solution to begin with.


Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


As a neuro-axiologist, I study and apply value SCIENCE integrated with neuroscience to the process of organizational change and transformation. We deal with personal and organizational values on a daily basis.

With the limited space I have, let me suggest:

1. Understand that Values are properties, attributes, or characteristics that drive decisions and behaviors Most often, they are NOT act... Read more

Reading "between the lines," I suspect that the organization may not actually be all that innovative, but rather, undisciplined without a clear sense of purpose and principles upon which to make good decisions that everyone can align and engage with.

IMO, the 80% project failure rather, isn't caused by a lack of planning, but a lack of deep foundational principles upon which culture, innovatio... Read more

If you want to drive culture change, stop with the performance appraisals altogether. They are antithetical to positive culture change, provide very little value to anyone and carry a huge cost burden. What drives culture change is value-centered, people-focused, hands-on, every day leadership. Leaders must "be the change they want to see.".. Read more

I'd be willing to bet that this is just the first of what will prove to be many fundamental gaps between you and your partner pertaining to the business. You have lots of great insights provided above, but I suspect that what you need more than an answer to this particular question, is some work on revealing and reconciling the gaps between you.

This is just a symptom of more difficulties to come... Read more

Hmm.. Hardly enough information to provide any "realistic" feedback "to correct the situation." How would you define "correct the situation"? How big is the gap between what was represented/expected and what was/is true? What does your contract look like? Were you only shown forecasts or did you also see the historical financials? What do you mean by "I did not have a way to do my due diligence...... Read more


As others have said, based on the information provided, it seems that the entire engagement got off to an unfortunate start. bottom line: a lack of sufficient perceived potential value by everyone involved. If they are truly a " leading executive coaching firm " then either we're not getting the whole picture or "leading" has more to do with marketing than skills as coaches.

First, no specific go... Read more