Professional summary

Experienced change leadership, communication and project manager with over 20 years of consulting experience, including 13 years at a Big 4 consulting firm. Major strengths include project management, change leadership, communication strategy, design, development and deployment, process review and redesign, and training development and deployment. Managed projects in a variety of industries including healthcare, technology, professional services and manufacturing. Interested

Engagement overview

I am available for 3 types of engagements:

1) To help support an ongoing implementation with project management or change management/ communication support in a typical management consultant role.

2) To take a new project a partner/manager doesn't have time to babysit from stalled to complete.

3) Working with company owners, create & execute on a social media strategy to increase sales.


• St. Joseph's Healthcare System
• Pacific Pulmonary Services
• Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health



Your question is about rewarding employees without breaking your budget. I wrote 2 blogs on the subject after working with a variety for organizations. They are here:

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I agree that review of mistakes is best done quickly and privately. Creating this change now should have a positive impact on your team. However, if there are mistakes everyone is making - then it would be good to go over those - as possibly a refresher for your team during your monthly meetings.

In terms of structure of a monthly team meeting. My question to you would be - what does ... Read more

I would agree with the advice above. The other challenge is going to be bringing both teams together, to work together as a new team. And also dealing with unease - as morale is going to go down for both sides of this new team.

Whenever I have had a team rapidly expand I have done two things to help. The first is to let the team know, during a team meeting or training, that whenever new team me... Read more