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Neil Ducoff is the founder and CEO of Strategies, a business training and coaching company specializing in No-Compromise Leadership and culture shifts to No Compromise. He is a business trainer, coach, keynote speaker and the creator of the Team-Based Pay System. He is the author of the award-winning book, No-Compromise Leadership (2009), regarded as the new blue print for leadership success. Wake Up!, published in 2012, is a collection of powerful strategies that delivers the "wake up" that every leader needs in these crazy times. His latest book, Fast Forward (2013), is the salon and spa industry’s most highly acclaimed business reference book.

If you trace the origin of most business challenges, crises and missed opportunities, the culprit

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Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• Unilever
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• Driving Standards Agency
• BNP Media
• The Great Game of Business
• Northern New England Association of Healthcare Executives
• Quality Carpet One
• Grey Sky Films
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• SkinMedica

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• Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference and Expo
• New England Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show
• Tres Mariposas
• Quality Conference
• 2012 Innovation Conference
• Jack Stack's Annual Gathering of Game Conference
• Esthetics China Conference

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• Aveda
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• Somak Distribution
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Case Studies

Pat Heaney and his wife founded Mango Salon in 2003 with eight employees. Over nine years, they have grown to 80 team members, surpassing $5 million in sales in 2012. For six consecutive years, Salon Today magazine has chosen Mango as one of the Top 200 fastest growing salons in North America. Recently, Mango was selected by Virginia Living Magazine as the Best Hair Salon in Central Virginia.

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The Masters was founded in 1974 by Ann and Gary Bray, and is now run by their son, Brett Pierce. Since its inception, Masters had been a commission-based salon. Their claim to fame came from the many awards they won in competition styling and training. Unfortunately, their business practices did not mirror their technical prowess. As Pierce explains, “I was making all the typical financial repor... Read more


There are plenty of projects and initiatives that no clear ROI … yet are essential to achieving overall company objectives, creating the right culture, customer experience and brand identity. I am especially concerned by your lists of projects with things like: data security, operating procedures and password controls. These are basic and essential non-negotiable systems for all companies.

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I first met Neil at a "Harms", conference and was fascinated by his honesty during his presentation. He ask a question, "How many of you hate numbers"? At that time I raised my hand because I had opened my business with only the creative fun side in mind. Neil's response was to "get over it", because if you owned a business you signed on to work with numbers and now you have no choice. I dove head first into learning how my numbers tell a story. I became a networking junkie and learned to love numbers and enjoy creating a story for them to tell. I am also happy to call Neil my friend. Thank you Neil for your contribution to the beauty industry. Your knowledge and willingness to share have changed the lives of so many. Myself included.

Rowena Yeager Studio Wish Salon

Neil is a passionate speaker and one of the leading business thinkers today. As a business consultant, Neil has the uncanny ability to say what needs to be said. He is part cheerleader, part leg-breaker. Highly recommended as a speaker on cutting edge business topics or as a private coach/consultant.

Dennis Gullo, Entrepreneur and Consultant

Neil is an invaluable recourse for business and professional development. As a speaker and as a coach, he helps people stay focused, utilize systems that support their goals and have fun in the process. He is so adept at sharing his gift for helping people find – or remember – the passion they have for their businesses and their teams. Neil gets people revitalized and headed toward success.

Laura Crandall, Consultant, educator, and public speaker specializing in corporate education and workplace communication

If I could write what is truly in my heart to write about Neil, it would be a thicker book than "Fast Forward" (his book). I first saw Neil speak at a Salon Business Conference and was BLOWN AWAY by how frankly and candidly he spoke about some very simple truths in salon business. I knew then and there that I had to partner with him to help grow my business as a manufacturer. In the work that he did for the Sebastian Salon Development Program, he made an impact on our top salons that still resonates clearly to this day (from as long as ten years ago!). His information is based in simple, timeless truths about business and is presented in a clear (and fun!) format. While I would like to keep Neil and his company Strategies all to myself, i know that there are more salons and professionals that he has to meet, so that they may have the benefit of his wisdom and humor in order to change their way of doing business forever.

John Moroney, VP & Global Creative Director Kao Salon Division

My company, The Urban Salon Team had been in business for just over 10 years when Neil Ducoff's book "No compromise Leadership" presented itself. My company was being ran like every other salon, a sorority house with payroll. As my foundation & experience was in banking and insurance prior to becoming a stylist i was confused and frustrated by the runnings of a salon. After 10 Years of frustration in running my own salon i decided to smarten up and try something else.

I attended Strategies Incubator and it change my mindset which changed my business which changed my life. I have now been to four strategies certification training, i have been being coached for over 2 years by Strategies and now my company has few employees and is actually profitable. Our profitability has led us to growth and sustainability. I would highly recommend Neil Ducoff's book and company for a clearer vision to a better future!

Stacey Hamblett The Urban Salon Team & Guided Solutions

We have worked with Neil several times. His process and system of helping companies out WORKS! He came in and spoke to our company and helped us to identify several areas of improvement and then helped to create the solutions to implement. Working with Neil has taught us to CLARIFY EXPECTATIONS with everyone in our company. He also works one on one with members of our company, specifically with our agency manger. We have had tremendous results as she is more confident, assertive, and has also become a better public speaker. I absolutely recommend working with Neil and his whole company. YOU WILL GET RESULTS!!!

Chris Vaglio, Co-founder and Director of Business Development Grey Sky Films

We brought Neil in to inspire and mentor our team to help us get to the next level. Each time he worked with our team he was incredibly inspirational, motivational, encouraging and easy to work with. He has coached me individually as well and has been a contributing factor to my growth over the past few months. I know that without his help, guidance, motivation, and knowledge I would not have the skills and confidence that I have today. Working with Neil has been one of the best decisions for our company.

Emily Palazzolo, Agency Manager Grey Sky Films

Simply put Neil is GREAT. With our business in a growth phase we thought it was important to bring someone in with the knowledge and experience needed to help navigate these waters successfully. Neil and Strategies was just the right solution for us. Everyone on our team connected with Neil and he has truly helped us get results. Neil without a doubt has done great things for our business and has provided us with the map to successfully get to the next level. I would highly recommend Neil and Strategies.

Mark Serao, Co-founder/Director of Production Grey Sky Films