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Professional summary

Neil Ducoff is the founder and CEO of Strategies, a business training and coaching company specializing in No-Compromise Leadership and culture shifts to No Compromise. He is a business trainer, coach, keynote speaker and the creator of the Team-Based Pay System. He is the author of the award-winning book, No-Compromise Leadership (2009), regarded as the new blue print for leadership success. Wake Up!, published in 2012, is a collection of powerful strategies that delivers the "wake up" that every leader needs in these crazy times. His latest book, Fast Forward (2013), is the salon and spa industry’s most highly acclaimed business reference book.

If you trace the origin of most business challenges, crises and missed opportunities, the culprit is leadership compromise. Compromise is the path of least resistance. It’s easier to avoid a leadership responsibility than to do it. You'll learn what it takes to become a true no-compromise leader based on where you are now with your own thinking and behavior. You'll learn to create a dynamic no-compromise company culture, committed to driving the Four Business Outcomes: productivity, profitability, staff retention and customer loyalty. 

Your business is either “no compromise” or it isn’t. There’s no halfway point. This is what it takes to be a no-compromise leader capable of building truly extraordinary company – every day, no matter what. And you’ll learn it all from the man who not only coined the phrase “No-Compromise Leadership,” he wrote the book on it.

Neil takes on the issues, that seldom get discussed in business, that hold leaders back from having the companies they desire. He shines a light on the areas that many would prefer to leave alone -- like holding leaders accountable is tougher than holding employees accountable. He’s not afraid to stir the pot. The question is, “Are you ready?”

Neil also does six-month coaching engagements and one- and two-day Leadership Workshops.

So…when good is no longer good enough, it's time to listen and learn from Neil.

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Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• Unilever
• Procter & Gamble
• Beams Seat Belts
• Driving Standards Agency
• BNP Media
• The Great Game of Business
• Northern New England Association of Healthcare Executives
• Quality Carpet One
• Grey Sky Films
• Allergan
• SkinMedica

Event Management
• Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference and Expo
• New England Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show
• Tres Mariposas
• Quality Conference
• 2012 Innovation Conference
• Jack Stack's Annual Gathering of Game Conference
• Esthetics China Conference

Beauty Industry
• Aveda
• Emiliani Enterprises
• Beauty Systems Group
• Eveline Charles
• IBS New York
• Paul Mitchell
• International Spa Association
• Kerastase Paris
• Lunatic Fringe Salon
• Millenium by Harms Software
• Neill Corporation
• Professional Beauty Association
• Raylon Corporation
• Robert Andrew
• Salon Services
• The Woodhouse
• Elmwood Spa
• Arrojo
• Somak Distribution
• TruBeauty Concepts
• LookAfter Hair Company
• WELLA Professionals