Professional summary

My approach is based on training in medicine with honors at Oxford and Harvard, certification by the Am. Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 4 decades resolving conflicts in academic and organized medicine, and 16 years using the Avatar® tools of consciousness to get rapid results. I modernized a state law on terminal care, got teams to inspire themselves to high performance, facilitated the merger of culturally different Am Red Cross Chapters, coached people to deal

Engagement overview

Initial free assessment for half a day, then discussion about results and my proposal for initial work.


1.Brought toxic hidden agenda into open to resolve problem at a church of 200 members
2 Coached small biotech

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Key clients

It's difficult, unless something drastic happens. Sometimes repetitive coaching or counseling helps, or putting them down in a positive way whenever they are arrogant, If they have the courage to examine themselves honestly. there is a 9-day course that gives them tools to become much more effective employees. With those tools, they can decide to be humble and will be that way... Read more


The answers above all make good suggestions. In my experience, though, a key is the personalities, interests, and unstated tensions between the 6 of you. This could be evaluated rapidly by someone with the right expertise, probably first meeting with all of you to establish rapport, then possibly meeting individually, and following up with an approach that motivates the 6 of you to inspire yourse... Read more

You can do it yourself, if you are willing to delegate, ask the 2nd tier to report to you regularly or call for advice, then allow the 2nd tier to make mistakes, and gently suggest corrections for the mistakes.

You can ask someone with expertise in resolving internal conflicts in organizations to evaluate the situation including the personalities and interests of both your current executive tea... Read more

It seems to me you have evaluated it and found it seriously wanting. Detailed written comments from your executives would surely give an "objective" evaluation you can use to sack the current coaching firm.

The next step is to evaluate, or get help evaluating what you want, what you really need, and the ways changes can be made given the amount of work your executives have to do and their sense... Read more

There are two approaches i'm familiar with.
The first is to follow the advice of the Dean of Haas Business School at UC Berkeley. Have an independent company collaborate with you to assess the current culture (mix of cultures by silo in your case, or "lack" of culture) and then spend the collaborative time that will be necessary to change the culture, using methods that apply to work groups/teams... Read more