Project proposal: Develop Profitable Growth Strategy for High-Tech Manufacturer Service Organization
Michael Blumberg
Michael Blumberg
Client impact

1. Understand areas of dysfunction and obstacles to growth within organization
2. Gain alignment among stake holders with respect to high growth opportunities
3. Identify and prioritize opportunities for market expansion, penetration, and diversification
4. Ensure internal systems and processes are aligned with needs of the market
5. Improve service productivity and operating efficiency through systemic and process improvements
6. Develop and assist in the implementation strategies and tactics to ensure profitable and sustainable revenue growth
7. Be more proactive with response to competitive threats

Engagement overview

- Initial discussion of goals
- Review and evaluate current culture, systems, and processes
- Conduct market research and competitive analysis
- Review and update business plan to identify opportunities and support growth strategy
- Identify and evaluate growth options in terms of risk and ROI
- Develop optimal growth strategy and business plan
- Can be directly involved in implementation, or serve as advisor to the leadership team, depending on client needs and budget

Relevant background

Michael R. Blumberg is a leading expert on Field Service, Reverse Logistics, and Thought Leadership Marketing within in a wide array of industry segments, including, but not limited to industrial automation, information technology, office automation, medical electronics, building controls, material handling equipment, consumer electronics, appliances, etc. He has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, market research, sales & marketing, bench-marking, enterprise systems design, and View consultant profile