Professional summary

Michael Blumberg has 30+ years of professional experience with key focus on reverse logistics & aftermarket services. Proficient in analyzing and forecasting industry trends, facilitating M&A transactins, contributing in operational efficiencies and strategizing to scale up business ventures, Michael is also adept at deploying process re-engineering, market research techniques, service marketing initiatives and service lifecycle management. In addition, he has served as a President at Signal Hill Ventures, as a Project Director at InterSearch and as a Director – Market Research at D. F. Blumberg & Associates, Inc.


Michael’s thought leadership, service system planning and strategy formulation has positively enhanced the

Engagement overview

Engagements range from 1 hour telephone consultations to multi-week projects.  Contact Michael to discuss your requirements.


• Agfa
• Avnet
• Astea
• ATC Logistics & Electronics
• Boston Scientific
• Care Stream Health
• Celestica
• Eastman Kodak
• Flextronics Global Services
• Fisher & Porter
• Fujitsu
• GE Healthcare
• Genco Supply Chain Solutions
• IBM Global Services
• Invensys
• Johnson & Johnson
• Liquidity Services, Inc.
• Motorola
• Network Appliance
• Nokia
• Panasonic Factory Automation
• Philips Medical Systems
• Ryder Logistics Systems
• Servigistics
• Siemens Energy & Automation
• Teleplan
• Xerox


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I have known Michael for over 10 years as we both have worked in the Product Service space. Early on I understood the value Michael brings and have referred him as a resource to businesses I have worked with who need guidance in any aspect of their service operations. Completely professional, Michael always enhances my credibility with these referrals to my clients. I heartily recommend Michael and Blumberg Advisory Group for any entity looking to enhance their service operations.

Kurt Zoeller, Sales Executive IFS North America

Michael has a deep and well rounded knowledge of aftermarket services. AND he is quite adept at sharing that knowledge in a manner that creates an actionable plan. Consultants are many but finding someone that can work well within your world is a true asset. Michael is that asset.

Mark Blevins, Director of Business Development Hong Video Technology Inc

Michael is tremendous asset to an organization looking to develop a Strategic Vision and Business Plan in the area of Reverse Logistics and Aftermarket Services. Michael is able to bring deep industry knowledge to the table that bridges any credibility gap that may exist between the exectutive ranks and the acceptance of a relevant and implementable business plan. I plan to hire Michael again in the future.

Steven Alsbro, Director Logistics and Aftermarket Services Plexus

Michael and Blumberg Advisory Group have been our go to resources for market research studies, strategy development projects, and business benchmarking in reverse logistics, ewaste, and aftermarket technology support services. His work provided informaiton that has enabled understanding and increased focus on the critical factors for success. He and Blumberg Advisory Group have provided a wide range of talented resources to support a diverse set of projects from market research, strategy development, to operational benchmarking, and IT systems selection. For reverse logistics, ewaste, and aftermarket support services I recommmend Michael and Blumberg Advisory Group.

Sanderson "Sandy" Bell, MBA, Chief Financial Officer Logic PD

Michael has done work for our team in serveral areas, market analysis, strategy development, and educating our sales organization. At each stage he has not only brought forth his deep perspective on the aftermarket services industry but also demonstrated the flexibility to understand what the organization needs at any point in time.

I consider Michael an important person in my industry network because he is always finding new ways to bring people in the industry together.

Scott Delaney, Vice President Solution Development Avnet Technology Solutions

We engaged Michael for his Blumberg's Benchmarks & Best Practices (B3) Program. The project was completed within our requested short window, was very professional fully meeting our expectations and came in under budget. The benchmark gave us industry comparisons which help understand our true strengths as well as expose blind spots we had in our performance. The exercise identified additional opportunities for improvement as well as validated and corrected some of our assumptions. The project helped prioritize actions that will support our growth plans over the coming years. Michael's background, market insight, industry database and professional and flexible work style all contributed to the success and positive experience we had.

Mark Hessinger MBA, CMQ/OE, SVP Customer Operations Flash Global

I engaged Michael as an industry expert to help Flextronics map out or Aftermarket Services Strategy in 2009. Michael provided an indepth analysis of our capabilities as they existed and how these compared with our competitors.

Michael also provided insight and support in helping us to develop a go forward strategy that was eventually implemented and used for years into the future.

I believe Michael to truly be an expert in the aftermarket services space and his experience and insight into the industry is a valuable resource to any company looking to make inroads into this market.

Paul Bruce, After Market Services Professional

Michael has suggested innovative ideas which had an immediate effect to the bottom line.

Dan Davin, President Midrange Repair & Parts

I asked Michael to help me organize a new project I was working on. His insight was extremely helpful and he was able to provide positive feedback that I never would have considered without his assistance. I consider his input to be invaluable in moving me forward to the next steps.

I would recommend Michael to anyone who has a business, especially if you find yourself "stuck in a rut" or "spinning your wheels". He will ask the hard questions and help you explore deeper to find useful solutions.

Marsha Pearson, Owner

As Senior Marketing Manager for Flextronics Global Services I worked with Michael when he assisted us in formulating and implementing a strategic business growth plan within the Global High-Tech aftermarket services market. His insights and hands on approach were of great benefit to me in my role.

Declan O'Sullivan, International Marketing Consultant Enterprise Management

I have known and worked with Michael over the past five years on a variety of projects. He is exceptionally knowledgeable of the service delivery industry and I have called on his expertise on a number occasions. He provides an excellent insight and strategy to today's complex world of service delivery and logistics. I would recommend Michael to any firm who are in the process of developing their service delivery strategies and direction.

Ray Miller, Sales Professional — Market, Business Development & Sales Leader PC SOS, LLC

We hired Michael to help us develop sustainable Sales and Marketing processes and strategies and grow revenue. Though we've only been working together for a short time, we are already seeing results. We are happy with the progress made so far and look forward to a lasting relationship.

Michael Oakes , VP & General Manager Datatech Depot
Project Proposals

- Initial discussion of goals
- Review and evaluate current culture, systems, and processes
- Conduct market research and competitive analysis
- Review and update business plan to identify opportunities and support growth strategy
- Identify and evaluate growth options in terms of risk and ROI
- Develop optimal growth strategy and business plan
- Can be directly involved in implementation,... Read more