Question: Healthcare Risk management

What are the main challenges facing healthcare organizations and what can they do to mitigate risk? What should healthcare organizations look for when updating their background screening practices to minimize their level of risk? What are the latest healthcare risk management trends or best practices?

Expert Insight

Health care law is a field that’s constantly changing, it’s often not easy to keep abreast of all of the rules and regulations. This is even truer today with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, The Act has added tough new rules and sentencing for those convicted of health care fraud and calls for enhanced screening of providers. Healthcare organizations do not conduct due diligence properly and adequately. According to my RISK Watch, there are known twelve methods of attacking RISK. Mitigation is only one of them. Due diligence must include identifying, investigating and evaluating RISKS not only in the books and records, but to have boots on the ground to confront RISKS.

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