Professional summary

Risk management expert, Subash Murray, has over two decades of leadership and consulting experience. His expertise lies in fraud investigations, compliance, due diligence (with special reference to targeted companies in M&A situations with boots on the ground), forensic and investigative accounting services, and third and fourth party risk management in relation to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), UK Bribery Act, OECD guide lines and Ley de Anti-corrupción de México legislations.

Subash caters to exporters, small & medium cap, professional as well as nonprofit organizations across pharmaceutical and medical devices, oil & gas, mining, steel, petrochemical, electricity, marine, pulp & paper, textile and construction industries located

Engagement overview

I would need to know about your organizational structure, operations, locations, key personnel, their basic duties, responsibilities, your third and fourth parties, products and/or services, markets you serve, your needs, your concerns, your problems, your current, short, medium and long range plans.

If accepted, I will lay out a plan of work with gap and other analysis.


• Exporters
• Professional services firms
• Commercial and industrial clients
• Non-profits


Assets are classified as TANGIBLE and INTANGIBLE rather than soft and hard assets. Tax authorities who dictate depreciation rates and allowable allowances according to their rules classify in the same way.

When once you identify and classify your assets in TANGIBLE and INTANGIBLE way, then I can assist you. If you are a mid-sized retail company, (I am not sure what type of retail company you a... Read more

Health care law is a field that’s constantly changing, it’s often not easy to keep abreast of all of the rules and regulations. This is even truer today with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, The Act has added tough new rules and sentencing for those convicted of health care fraud and calls for enhanced screening of providers. Healthcare organizations do not conduct due diligence ... Read more