Professional summary

I believe there are plenty of good sales people out there. I know average sales people can be better than average. I also know that the problems that exist in sales departments don’t reside in sales people alone.

Sales Manager Now exists to work with business owners and sales teams that believe they can be better than they currently are and are willing to make changes in themselves and the business toward that end.

• Strategic thinker who also

Engagement overview

Most engagements contract with me to be their sales manager. That includes hiring, meetings, planning, compensation reviews, coaching, teaching, strategic work with owner and working with the team members as they need to succeed. Consider me a manager on your team who is not physically there. If you can trust that I can get my job done without being there you will be adding someone to your team that you would not be able to afford if you had me there.


I've been serving clients as their sales manager since 2006 in the following industries. All these industries were