Renee Freedman

Renee Freedman

Change Advocate, Thought Partner, Collaboratorium Innovator

Areas of expertise

Strategic Thinking & Cultural Initiatives, Trust and Collaboration, Leadership for Large Scale Projects & Change

Professional summary

Renee is the president of Renee Freedman & Co Inc. She coaches rebel-thinking leaders in mid to large organizations to solve large scale issues by changing the game. As a co-founder and co-director of SupporTED she developed the coaching and mentoring program for TED Fellows working on transformative change with global impact. TED is a global organization devoted to discovering 'ideas worth sharing'. The selected TED Fellows, for whom she provides coaching, mentoring, and learning, are designated as the next generation of world changers.

She is also the innovator behind the Collaboratorium - an immersive interactive collaboration between Mentors, Fellows, and Coaches to provide needed support in order to jump start and fast forward executive leadership development, project launches, and the implementation of solutions to global challenges.

Additionally, Renee works with companies experiencing divisive and confrontational relationships within its organizational structure and across its structure such as with labor groups or companies being acquired or merged into their system. She develops processes and works with leaders to help them transition from a chaotic distrustful culture to a collaborative trustful culture.

For over a decade, Renee has coached executive leaders, philanthropists, creative thinkers, and social entrepreneurs. She helps leaders stuck in seemingly impossible situations by reframing the problem and collaboratively coming up with creative strategies to take the organization forward.

She has degrees in Psychology and Human Development. Her coaching certifications/ credentials originate from Institute for Generative Leadership, Newfield Network, Fielding Institute, and the International Coach Federation.

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.