Professional summary

Not many people understand business, sales, marketing, and human potential at the level Richard does. He is a TEDx speaker and has published 4 books in sales and personal development.

Richard’s book Unleashing the Power of Consultative Selling is a required textbook at a graduate school of management.

Using his experiences as a CEO, consultant, trainer, and as the son of Greywolf a Native American elder, teacher, and medicine man he uses ancient knowledge for modern times in leading personal development workshops.

He has the ability to uncover the core problem and provide a solution meeting the desired result of his clients. He will help you to simplify quota attainment with these core courses not found anywhere else from someone who

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


Small companies try to be smaller versions of big companies and big companies will out fund, outsell and out market you. What do you do? Change the game!

Identify a market segment that is not being served or served well and focus there. Do not market a brand like the big companies instead shoot a video with the founder and explain why you started the business... to solve a problem the big guys i... Read more

I was speaking at an event on customer service and I asked how many of them conducted surveys? Most of the hands went up. I told them I had just stayed at a very nice hotel and there was a survey in my room and I read it.

The survey was a typical very dissatisfied, satisfied, very satisfied type of scoring. A question the survey asked; "Was my room clean?" I thought to myself since I expected the... Read more

Almost every small business makes the same mistake...they try to be a smaller version of a bigger company in this case Starbucks. A big company will out market, out sell, out finance you so what do you do? Change the game.

You need to think about starting your own movement...your own community. The question is what can you do to change the game? What will attract customers to your shop versus ... Read more

What problem are you trying to solve? Is it that you will guarantee that when a client selects one of your coaches or business consultants they will get the results they are after? This is difficult because there are lots of variables.

Let's approach this differently. My clients are not buying my coaching or consulting...they are buying me. They want to know my story, my failures, my successes... Read more

In today's environment this is a common question employees have..."are you going to sell the company?" The question behind the question is "Will I still have a job?" Here is what we communicated to employees in every quarterly town hall meeting and in monthly company email updates "We run the company like we will keep it forever or sell it tomorrow". We told the employees our goal was to our cust... Read more

The reality is customers are not calling your service group to discuss-how great everything is going. They are frustrated or may want to complain or may just have a question. The first recommendation is hiring people who are not just technically capable but have certain communication skills.

The question to ask is this "How do you know when you have made a good decision?" There are two ways to... Read more

I have a few questions to ask. If you are starting a 12 week software bootcamp to develop professional web developers and then get them a job, would imply you have the training material done and the network to help them get a job.

If this is true who developed the program? I would think you have an instructor already meaning whoever developed the program.

Since it appears this is a new lau... Read more

What you are facing is not uncommon. In building a business there are stages it will go through. When you get past the early struggles as your company has it goes through fun. It is about revenue generation-it is give the customer what they want- processes do not matter-signing up customers is the name of the game.

Then the company gets into whitewater and the fun stage has ended. What happens n... Read more

I have seen HR report to the CEO or the CFO. As I read your statement it appears the question is not where HR will report but how to deal with training, high turnover, morale and as you comment culture. HR will not solve your problem until you and your leadership team decide on what is your culture, your plan for your employees, how success will be measured. I would guess that interpersonal traini... Read more


Rich was hired by our organization as a consultant with a focus on our Marketing Department. Within our first meeting I knew the wealth of knowledge and experience I had with Rich. A natural leader, Rich stepped right in and helped implement key metrics that really got our team facing in the right direction. With his 'Out of the Box' ideas, Rich really helped us re- brand our companies and create a industry changing program that will be launching soon! With everything Rich brings to the table I would undoubtedly recommend him for any consulting needs. He has made me a better leader, manager, and overall person and I value the relationship that we now have.

James Hull, COO Unity Group