Professional summary

Rob is a catalyst to business leaders and their teams by building bridges of high purpose, trust, and commitment that achieves breakthrough results.

Author of Standard of Trust Leadership Book: Transforming Business Cultures Through Purpose, Performance, and Relationship Capital.

In 2002, Rob in collaboration with DePaul University's IT Executive Leadership Lab conducted a 5 year study of Chief Information Officers across multiple industries in the Chicagoland area. 98% of 150 CIOs stated that they did not do a good job building relationships with their peer leaders in their companies.

The research findings were so profound that it inspired Rob's purpose and mission to not only find answers on "how" to build great social relationships,

Engagement overview

Coaching business leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs on building Social Credibility and earning Relationship Capital (RC) both for themselves and for their business entities.

-Customize program based on individual needs.
-Social Credibility Assessment
-Relationship Capital (RC) Assessment.
-Scredible Platform Training.
-RC Credibility Platform Training.
-Tracking Influence & Klout Score.


Upon Request.