Professional summary

Experienced executive with practical business knowledge and expertise in accurately diagnosing business and people related issues. Expert at proposing targeted and workable solutions to improve individual, group and organization performance.
Able to help identify customer focused solutions, and eliminate wasteful efforts while improving business and individual performance.

Able to transform client needs and issues into solutions which produce measureable results.

Specialties: Business problem diagnosis, talent assessment, executive coaching, business process improvement, performance management and conflict resolution

Engagement overview

Free initial consultation to determine match with client need; then negotiation of agreement T's and C's; followed by diagnosis and implementation


• Tennessee CCR&R
• Copyright Clearance Center
• F5 Networks
• Gamesa Aerospace (Spain)
• Hyperion SoftwareSolutions
• Island Electric
• Aernnova Aerospace USA
• The Mayo Clinic
• Initiate Systems Software
• Lawrence Livermore National
• Laboratory
• MCI Call Centers
• Washington Mutual Bank
• Los Alamos National Laboratory
• Lynx Windows and Doors
• Southeast Toyota
• Bank of America
• Worthington Corporation
• Premier Inc
• GFI Software
• Quantum Corporation
• Twilio


I support Jennifer in her comments on this subject.
Use of assessments for team formation can help frame what people bring to the situation and help avoid certain issues about talents people bring to the situation, and are quite helpful in assuring that diverse skills and views are represented before the team is finalized.

Skillful use and deployment of assessment information of assessment res... Read more